Gamescom And Why It’s Bad For Me

So basically the last few weeks/days have been filled with announcements for new games. GamesCom is well under way in Germany and they have been promoting so much good new stuff that it’s just not funny anymore.
The biggest nerdgasm of the day for me was the announcement of the Diablo 3 expansion: Reaper of Souls. It looks hella awesome and I will definately be getting it. Inbetween the announcement at Gamescom and the ones at E3 earlier there are just so many good titles coming out that I need to massively save up to get them all.

There are a few games I’m going to get no matter what and a lot of games that I seriously want to lay my hands on and all in all this makes a massive list, which I’m obviously going to post (and update) here on a new page. For now I’m enjoying everything that Gamescom has to offer and hoping for more exciting announcements!

Tuesday Troubles

So, I recently added a “To Do” page where I highlight what I am planning to do during a WoW reset since it’s the game I still play the most. Unfortunately for me, planning something to do and actually doing it don’t always coincide hence the lack of things crossed off on my to do list. I did manage to level Sanelle a bit and got some time in on Rift.

Even today’s post got delayed by a day because there is just too much for me to do and too little time to do it in. I’ll be updating my To Do post for this reset but keep things more general. I have been playing games outside of WoW and LoL, it were just not the games that I said I would play in my To Do. Since I’m very very busy again right now I’ll give a more extended update later in the week.

A Few Words on Guild Wars 2

So I’ve been going through my many many many games and stumbled upon Guild Wars 2. I bought this game when it came out last year, played some but for some reason never managed to get really engulfed into the game. I started it up today and saw that I had missed a lot of content, a 2+GB download proved this to me, and after loading in I immediatly saw the changes they had made to the game. It feels like they upgraded the graphics a bit, they changed abilities (I made a Sylvari Ranger since I’ve been out of the game for so long I just want to start anew) and they changed the Achievement system. So far I’ve liked what I saw, especially the chests with goodies you get when attaining a certain amount of achievement points! Unlike in World of Warcraft it really feels like they want you to do things because it earns you bonuses for your characters and I like that.

However, the events in the game just boggle me. I stumbled in halfway through the voting for a new skycaptain with Zephrytes and everything a few weeks back and now it’s Queen’s Jubilee. I’ve done some fights on my Warrior but the event itself kind of eludes me. There are apparently hot air balloons and torches and what not and wow it’s just all too much. And it’s not like you have an event and then have some peace, no the events are being stringed behind eachother in rapid suspension and if you’re still a “beginning” player, I consider myself this because I never made it past lvl 25, all of it can be quite overwhelming.

Maybe I have been dumbed down by WoW, maybe I just need to spend more time on getting back into the game… I’ll let you know if I’m able to do that or not.

Chapter 1…

So a few days ago I finally managed to finish the first part of the Legendary quest chain in Mists of Pandaria. Yes, a few days ago, you read that right. The reason? Well…

I started out in MoP promising with a guild that would still raid and thus gathered some tokens in the first few weeks of raiding on my Warrior. I didn’t really run Looking for Raid because I sincerely hate the system with a passion ever since it came out in Cataclysm so I was already running behind as far as Sigils went. Then my guild ceased raiding entirely and I took a two month break from the World of Warcraft, being completely burned out on the game and all the drama it brought along for me. After coming back from my break I found my Warrior quite lackluster and decided to level my Shaman to have another character at level 90 to play with that wasn’t melee (I levelled her as Elemental). Simultaneously I had started levelling my Horde Hunter to be able to play with some of my friends over on the Horde side, I never even started to do LFR on her however because I didn’t feel like raiding at all when I came back.
I did do some LFR on my Shaman, mainly with my S.O. who also came back to the game around that time, but never gathered enough Sigils to finish off the quest. Fast forward a few months, I levelled my Paladin and raided on her a bit aswell, gathering Sigils but also not enough to finish the quest (gee, while I’m typing this I see how fickle I can be sometimes).

And so we made it to the present where I decided last week that I should atleast do the whole Legendary thing on one character and picked up my Warrior again because she was farthest along with the quest and finally managed to complete it, picked up a Sha-Touched weapon in the process and am now sporting it with a nice +500 strength gem.. And now I’m back to gathering Valor Points on my way to finishing Chapter 2, a feat that will probably take me a while yet since I don’t really feel like raiding… Again!

Gamer’s Outrage: Are We All Addicted?

On my Twitter I’ve seen some posts and tweets flying by about another attempt of the media (the BBC in this case) to put gamers in a dubious light saying that gaming companies need to warn more about the dangers of becoming addicted to games. I’ve seen mixed responses about this, mostly they go into the general direction that gaming isn’t really an addiction, and I felt like I needed to give my opinion in more details about the matter.

First off, I know a bit more about how the human brain works and because I’m running an internship at an addiction care facility I can chime in here with a touch of professionalism. I’d like to make clear first off the bat that anything CAN BE an addiction, this includes social media, games, books, watching television, eating, drugs, alcohol but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it IS an addiction if people spend more time doing a certain thing than what is normal in society.
An addiction is a psychological disorder and the most important quality of a psychological disorder is that it disrupts your daily life and routine so badly that you can’t function properly anymore. This means that you are unable to hold a job or go to school, are unable to keep social contacts and are neglecting your basic needs as human because you are not able to meet them anymore.
We all know the image of the drunkard that wakes up with a glass of Vodka and goes to bed with three bottles of wine and the cocaine addict that needs to have his lines or else he’ll go into physiological distress. The big question is, can this state of mind happen for games? And my answer to this is yes, it can happen and it has happened and it will happen. There are cases, although very few and far inbetween, of people being really addicted to games and the act of gaming. People that lose their jobs, their schooling, their family and friends because the only thing they want, the only thing they need, is to play games. The need to play games overrides any other thought or compulsion the person may have and the most extreme cases of this have been in the media: the stories about men/women/children dying after a marathon of gaming where they wouldn’t eat, drink or leave the room. These are prime examples of gaming ADDICTION and unfortunately for the people mentioned it cost them their lives.

However, what the media portray as an addiction is something that is simply not true. I have been a gamer myself for a long time, sometimes I would be more enthusiastic and more willing to spend all my time on a game while sometimes I wouldn’t game for weeks while feeling perfectly happy about it. I know many people like me, spending a lot of time on games, getting called “addicted” by your family and/or friends because you spend a lot of time on it. But are you addicted then? I still go to school, I still meet friends, I have a job, I have a boyfriend but I prefer to spend my free time on gaming. For me it is a hobby and I would be bored out of my mind if I couldn’t game. This sometimes leads to gaming sessions of 10-14 hours on the weekends. Does this mean I’m addicted? No. Does it mean I spend a lot of time on doing the thing I enjoy, even though it can be frustrating? Yes.

And here is the crux: Why is it normal to take a weekend off to go fishing but not to go gaming? Why is it considered normal to watch TV the entire day, but not to play games? Why is a 40 hour gaming marathon considered pathological but a contest who can sit the longest on a pole considered an achievement?
Because society needs a scapegoat. It’s how we work and that will never change and unfortunately gaming is and has been the scapegoat for a while and will be for a long time. Games are made to capture your interest, being them MMO’s, FPS’s, RPG’s, Strategy games or whatever you want to play. Even mobile phone games like Candy Crush can be very time consuming, but that doesn’t mean they are addictive nor that they are bad. Personally I have had some gaming marathons with the release of new WoW expansions, were they bad? No, they haven’t harmed me in anyway apart from the fact that I was very sleepy after staying up for near 40 hours. If it doesn’t affect your normal life, if you still go to school or work, if you still have friends and if you still eat and drink normally, why not have a gaming marathon every now and then?

However if you prioritize your gaming over everything, start abandoning your school, your work, your friends and family and neglecting to take proper care of yourself I urge anyone to seek professional help, because when you crossed that threshhold your hobby has become an addiction and that is not a place where you want to be.

A Quick One

Since I have been working a lot and have been attending family Bbq’s I haven’t had much time to game, let alone write a post on this blog. There are a few things that I want to talk about and among them are Guild Wars 2 and how it could have been superiour to World of Warcraft and my discovery of the fact that there will be coming a Final Fantasy MMO which I will definately buy because I have been a Final Fantasy fan since forever. 

Right now however I am on my way to another all you can eat family fest and I’m already dreading it… See you soon!

So I Went on Safari…

Since my significant other is on vacation and I don’t really entertain myself well I decided I would turn my attention to the pet battle side of the World of Warcraft to see if it could keep my attention and if I would enjoy it as much as I enjoy playing Pok√©mon.

Most of my pets so far have come from achievements, vendors, drops and the pet store and I hadn’t spent much time catching pets because I felt like it was boring, however since I’m bored on WoW now anyway that I don’t raid I figured I might aswell set out on a quest to catch them all! And so I started yesterday with the Northrend Safari, one that doesn’t really require too many pets to catch and if I was lucky I could get my hands on an Unborn Val’kyr, one of the more rare spawns in the game.

And now here we are, about 24 hours later and I have completed my Northrend Safari and… got my hands on an Unborn Val’kyr!! How lucky am I huh? I was also lucky enough to have it snow in Storm Peaks so the Arctic Fox Kit would spawn and so this was probably one of the fastest Safari Achievements that could be done. And doesn’t my Paladin look cool with the tiny Val’kyr at her side?

Next up: Outland Safari

League of Legends: The Climb

So, I haven’t played much LoL over the past few weeks, like I didn’t play any other games a lot, the heat in my room is unbearable and so I postpone my gaming sessions untill the evenings.

Today I decided to try my hand at some ranked games again, I’m currently in Bronze I (yes yes, I’m a scrub I know) and wanting to make my way up in the world. My aim for now is Gold V before the season ends because I know that when you’re Gold you’ll get an awesome champion skin like the Jarvan IV skin in Season 1 and the Janna skin in Season 2.

The biggest wall I’m facing at the moment is that I’ve mostly leveled up as a Support and never really got to practice mid/top/ADC champions because my “friends” were always putting me either in the Support or Jungle role and I’m quite sick of playing that. First off I decided I would just get some AD Carry’s because I do like the duolane (I feel safer with someone else in lane next to me) and I got off to quite a good start on Caitlyn, but only being able to play one champion isn’t going to cut it, plus the competition for certain spots is quite fierce and I want to be able to carry a game if I want to make it all the way up to the Gold division so for now I just made a new account, buying the champions with IP that I want to be playing on my main account and practising them from low level up and maybe that will help me getting better at the game in general since in ranked queue things will quickly escalate and turn into flamefests when one of the players is underperforming (especially in the lower Divisions like Bronze and Silver) and I do want to get out of there as fast as I possibly can.

I’ll be updating my progress every now and then with a little League of Legends posts, what champions I’ve been playing on and what have gotten me wins in rankeds and I hope I can be able to help out others who are struggling with the same ladder climb as I am.

Parttime Project: Back to the Beginnings

When I was just a wee little gamer taking my first steps in the World of Warcraft it wasn’t on an account of my own. One of my ex-boyfriends introduced me to the game and encouraged me to make a character on his account to try out the game in the hope that we could play together. He gave me the booklet to see what races and classes there were and I set out to reading what I wanted to become.

After a long time looking through the book and then fiddling around in the character creation screen I settled for a Female Human Mage, I wanted to be able to fling spells, but not in an evil way and I liked the way Humans looked in their robes. That mage never made it past level 20 because we broke up, but I still have fond memories of running around and exploring the world of Elwynn Forest and Westfall, and also dying a lot. This was when TBC had only just launched and there was no lowered XP to get to max level, mounts were only available from level 40 and higher and clothies were slaughtered easily by any mob you would encounter if you had no idea what you were doing. I can’t remember much of the mage, I didn’t really get the chance to play her much, only that I chose Frost as specc because “omg I can summon a Water Elemental then” and the only profession I had was Tailoring because it would let me craft my own gear, which came in handy because I had absolutely no money nor help in the game.

Because I do really fondly remember that Mage, and I obviously can’t get her or those circumstances back, I decided to start a little project. I made a new Mage on a new server with no money, I changed the race from Female Human to Female Nightelf (I’m a huge Nightelf lover, they’re my favourite race in the game) but her main/levelling specc will be Frost, I’ll pick up Tailoring as first profession (not sure yet about which one I want as second) and in addition to this I’ll be levelling up a new pet team aswell.

And so I present to you: Sanelle with her trustworthy Blossoming Ancient companion. No I don’t really name my pets, maybe I’ll get round to it someday but for now I wouldn’t know how to name them in the first place.

As I said, I’m on a new server with no gold or levelling items to help myself. I have accepted a spot in a social guild to give me that 10% experience boost and because my first Mage was in a guild aswell. I’ll be reliant on my own professions and wits to make “a living” for myself on this server. Luckily for me Blizzard has implemented some things to help me gather bags etcetera faster and I will be picking them up when I can, I don’t want to be stubborn and not take the handles Blizzard have given me to ease my gaming experience. I’ve struggled through TBC when it was still hard and prefer not to relive that experience again.

How much time I’ll be spending on this project I don’t know yet but I’ll keep you updated on how it goes, might even get a character feed going if I can get my hands on a decent RSS, but you will see how my pet battle team fares as it will be displayed on the right side of my blog.

One Can Only Be So Lucky?

Sometimes I have evenings where the RNG gods smile down upon me and I seem to be able to get what I want in the vast World of Warcraft universe.

From the moment I started playing in TBC I was a collector. Pets and mounts were awesome and I wanted to have as many as I could possibly have. Even if they took up all of my bagspaces (thank you blizzard for making a pet/mount tab!!!). I paid for Epic Flying by the way of Mining on my Warrior and was so proud of myself that I could fly around on Nether Rays when I was level 70. With the introduction of the mount and pet tabs, and me having too much free time, collecting as many mounts and pets as I could became an obsession for me. The character I did this on was my Warrior since she had been my main throughout most of TBC and had already the biggest collection of mounts and pets available. Right before Mists of Pandaria, and with it the new mounts and Battle pets system, hit I was 4th or 5th on my realm (Dragonblight) when it came to collecting pets. The only pets I missed were two of the dragonlings, red and green, the Crawling Claw and the Firefly.
Around the same time I had one of my RNG lucky evenings with seeing an Eye of Sulfuras, Ashes of Al’ar and the offhand Glaive drop. Since I already had made Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros I passed on the Eye so it could go to my significant other, but I did win Ashes and the Glaive that night.

Fast forward to June 28th. I decided to do one more pet run with my significant other for the two pets that I still missed for my “Raiding with Leashes” achievement. They both dropped. Feeling lucky I abandoned my running mate to clear Karazhan and to my big astonishment I saw the reins of the Fiery Warhorse drop. I think I blew out my partner’s eardrums on Skype with the scream I did, but boy was I happy!

And now, more or less one month later I had RNG on my side again and managed to finish off “Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition” bringing me to a total of 284 pets.
This has given me the push to pick up pet and mount hunting again, I’m levelling a Blood DK to level 90 so I can start solofarming Dino Island, and maybe more. Currently I can still get many many pets, but I think I’ll start of with the Safari Achievements and take it from there and see…

If you’re curious as to what other rare mounts and/or pets I have collected, you can click the armory link on the right side of my page to see my Paladin and the mounts/pets I have on her and also the Feat of Strength mounts/pets I have, which are quite plentiful. For now I’m off to pet hunt again!