FFXIV and WoW Characters

My FFXIV characters

Sandrian Noble, FFXIV Main

First off: Sandrian Noble on Moogle (EU).
My current main. I’m playing almost every role but for now I’m enjoying Dragoon, Ninja and Bard the most. I find FFXIV the ideal game for me, since I can just do everything on one character. Working on getting everything to level 60 at the moment. You can see how far I am with this on my Gaming Goals page. She is actually not my original FFXIV character, but this is the character I have played the most and have the most stuff on, including clearing The Binding Coil of Bahamut up untill Turn 9 when it was current content. I hope I can get back into raiding on her again someday, but for now I’m happily doing my own thing.

Seconffxiv_20102015_181143dly: Sarella Noble on Odin (EU).
This is actually  my original FFXIV character. She started out as a Miqo’te on the Phoenix EU server and then got turned into a Hyur and brought over to Moogle, queue Heavensward and she became a very lovely Au’ra. After Square Enix moved the EU datacenter to Germany, we got the option to send over our characters to NA for free. Seeing as I wanted a high level character on Cactuar (where a lot of the lovely blogging people are hanging out) I took the chance and transferred her over. However after finding a friendly few people on Odin where I could actually play with on normal times, she resides there now.
Levelling her Warrior and Dark Knight up. I want to be a tankmain on this character for fast queueing and maybe a spot in a nice FC somewhere.


My World of Warcraft Characters

I have a gazillion alts but right now I’m only playing my Warrior seriously. I just don’t have the time to invest in more than one character right now so this is who you can find me on in Azeroth.

WoWScrnShot_010716_172108Sandrian – Dragonblight EU
My original main. My first character on my own WoW account, she was created somewhere in July 2007 and is still going strong untill today. I have played all possible roles and speccs on her, PvP’ed, PvE’ed. She’s been a main or an important alt, but always max level and played in every expansion. Starting out as a female Human, to female Troll and finally ending as female Night Elf on on my current server. I have rolled back to her as main in Legion. I love the Warrior class in World of Warcraft, and she is the one reason I’m still playing today. I’m a huge achievement chaser and most of my achievements are done on this little lady. Even with the account wide achievement system, I’m just happiest when I get everything on her.