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FFXIV Card Sandrian Kuchiki


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WoWScrnShot_010716_172108Sandrian – Dragonblight EU
My original main. My first character on my own WoW account, she was created somewhere in July 2007 and is still going strong untill today. I have played all possible roles and speccs on her, PvP’ed, PvE’ed. She’s been a main or an important alt, but always max level and played in every expansion. Starting out as a female Human, to female Troll and finally ending as female Night Elf on on my current server. I have rolled back to her as main in Legion. I love the Warrior class in World of Warcraft, and she is the one reason I’m still playing today. I’m a huge achievement chaser and most of my achievements are done on this little lady. Even with the account wide achievement system, I’m just happiest when I get everything on her.

For the rest it’s not important. I’m not playing World of Warcraft anymore for the time being. My life doesn’t allow for more than one subbed MMO and I’ve found that in FFXIV. I may however go back one day to experience all the content I’ve missed.