One Can Only Be So Lucky?

Sometimes I have evenings where the RNG gods smile down upon me and I seem to be able to get what I want in the vast World of Warcraft universe.

From the moment I started playing in TBC I was a collector. Pets and mounts were awesome and I wanted to have as many as I could possibly have. Even if they took up all of my bagspaces (thank you blizzard for making a pet/mount tab!!!). I paid for Epic Flying by the way of Mining on my Warrior and was so proud of myself that I could fly around on Nether Rays when I was level 70. With the introduction of the mount and pet tabs, and me having too much free time, collecting as many mounts and pets as I could became an obsession for me. The character I did this on was my Warrior since she had been my main throughout most of TBC and had already the biggest collection of mounts and pets available. Right before Mists of Pandaria, and with it the new mounts and Battle pets system, hit I was 4th or 5th on my realm (Dragonblight) when it came to collecting pets. The only pets I missed were two of the dragonlings, red and green, the Crawling Claw and the Firefly.
Around the same time I had one of my RNG lucky evenings with seeing an Eye of Sulfuras, Ashes of Al’ar and the offhand Glaive drop. Since I already had made Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros I passed on the Eye so it could go to my significant other, but I did win Ashes and the Glaive that night.

Fast forward to June 28th. I decided to do one more pet run with my significant other for the two pets that I still missed for my “Raiding with Leashes” achievement. They both dropped. Feeling lucky I abandoned my running mate to clear Karazhan and to my big astonishment I saw the reins of the Fiery Warhorse drop. I think I blew out my partner’s eardrums on Skype with the scream I did, but boy was I happy!

And now, more or less one month later I had RNG on my side again and managed to finish off “Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition” bringing me to a total of 284 pets.
This has given me the push to pick up pet and mount hunting again, I’m levelling a Blood DK to level 90 so I can start solofarming Dino Island, and maybe more. Currently I can still get many many pets, but I think I’ll start of with the Safari Achievements and take it from there and see…

If you’re curious as to what other rare mounts and/or pets I have collected, you can click the armory link on the right side of my page to see my Paladin and the mounts/pets I have on her and also the Feat of Strength mounts/pets I have, which are quite plentiful. For now I’m off to pet hunt again!

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