Gear Design: A Thumbs Up

It’s been a while! I haven’t found much time to blog, unfortunately, but I feel like sharing my thoughts about gear design in World of Warcraft.

A lot of time the complaints of the female community are that female characters are often depicted as sexy and as such gear looks much more sexy on them. To an extent I agree. When it comes to low level gear both WoW and FFXIV respectively have some armor sets which make me want to raise my eyebrow. It barely covers the body of the female character in question and appeals very much to male players.


When it comes to endgame sets, especially in WoW, the genderdifferences are mostly gone. Female characters and male characters are getting the same gear, both clad from head to toe in cloth, leather, mail or plate. There is less and less sets where the female version is much more “naked and sexy” than the male version and I think it’s a good sign to give to the community. Just because a character is female doesn’t mean that she needs to show off her body.
For WoW this hasn’t been anything new. From The Burning Crusade on you didn’t really have gender differences in gear anymore and if you had, they were minimal. My warrior as female Nightelf looks as much an impenetrable wall in tier 6 as she would have been a male.
So for this I want to give the developers at Blizzard a big thumbs up! Thank you for not portraying our female characters as “sexy” and just give them the same badass gear as the males.

On another point I have recently begun streaming my games. Mostly World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy. If you want to follow me or watch me stream you can find me via this link:

I hope I’ll have the time to write a more elaborate post soon but I’m still alive! Don’t worry!

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