Summer Sale and Blizzard Brawl

As we all have noticed, the Steam Summer Sale has started again. Although I had planned not to buy anything, there are some deals that I just can’t/couldn’t let slip and so I caved in this year and made a small budget for games I still want.
Child of Light was 75% off yesterday and so naturally I grabbed that together with Mickey’s Castle of Illusion (nostalgia!) which was 50% off. That should net me atleast a few hours of entertainment right there. I gave myself a €20 budget this year which I’ve spent half of now on those two games. I’m hoping Ori and the Blind Forest will get hugely discounted aswell so I can pick that one up and I have my eyes set on Rayman Origins, after having bought Legends with a huge discount last year.
All in all it would mean I would get to nab 4 awesome platformer games for only €20 if I’m lucky and I would be thrilled with that.

In other news, I have found myself becoming slightly addicted with Heroes of the Storm, Blizzards MOBA. After playing League of Legends for years, and having to admit that I can’t lasthit for my life and thus would never get out of bronze rankings, playing this game is a breath of relief for me. Due to the way Blizzard has developed the game there is much less focus on the individual skills of a player, instead the game is more about teamwork and taking objectives. Ofcourse if you get matched with one or two dopey people there is a big chance you will lose the game, but it’s much less brutal than League of Legends is.
I currently own 10 heroes, the minimum requirement to be able to play Hero League aka Ranked, and am saving up so I can finally get Sylvanas. Although Blizzard has a few bundles you can buy for real money to get into the game faster I feel like you are able to buy enough Heroes with gold as long as you do your dailies. From my personal experience I found that I have been able to buy atleast one Hero a week, sometimes two when I went for the “cheaper” ones.
Seeing as the game has only just officially released, and there aren’t that many Heroes to get yet (37 to be precise), it’s fairly easy to own a whole bunch of them in a relatively short time.

My favourite champion to play is Valla. I have clocked about 60 games on her. I feel her kit is strong and she’s exactly the type of champion I like to play. Hard hitting, can make/break a teamfight and she has an escape in the form of her E skill: vault. I have even broke my “I don’t want to spend any money on f2p games anymore” rule to get her Angelic skin when it was on sale for €5.

I look so cool in games now! Best skin (together with Blood Elf Tyrande)

It gave me an incentive to be even better and push even harder on this champion, because I have actually spent money on it now. Not to sound bigheaded, but I like to believe that I am proficient on Valla and that I know the champion well enough to perform well on every map, with multiple builds.

What I mostly like about Heroes is that a lot of my friends play it aswell. I can just queue up with 1-4 others and play. Blizzard rewards this aswell since you get an XP bonus for playing with friends. Most of us are casual, although I have one particular friend who has been playing the game like crazy. He mains Sylvanas and has played about 100 games on her so far. He’s really good on her, but spamming a champion that much will do that I guess. It’s dedication that I wish I had aswell. Although 60 games on Valla isn’t nothing either. I just need to pick one or two more champions to be good at so I can have some variety of play and to prevent burnout.
For now I fill a lot of time that I don’t spend on FFXIV with Heroes of the Storm and I’m having an absolute blast while doing so.

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