I have signed myself up for Blaugust 2015. I hesitated at first, but maybe it’s good to try it, so I have a bit more commitment to writing on this blog.

Although this blog isn’t that old, I’m not really a newcomer when it comes to blogging. I’ve been blogging on and off on different domains, but always managed to let it slip and delete the blog after a bit. I have always felt that I would not be interesting enough to keep a solid readerbase so I just stopped caring at some point.
A part of me regrets shutting down my first blogs. I have some good memories from them and I can never get the stuff I wrote on them back, since I did completely delete them. I want to be more commited to this blog though, and trying to complete Blaugust will probably help me a lot with that. I am unsure of what to write about exactly, but I guess we will see along the way.

So on the 22nd the new Hearthstone expansion was announced: the Grand Tournament. From what I’ve seen of the cards so far it looks awesome. Blizzard has made this expansion themed around your Hero power and that is kind of cool. You have cards that boost your Hero power, reduces the cost of them or use the power to inspire a minion. I will have to see how all the cards play out ofcourse but for now I think I will be farming a lot of gold on Hearthstone so I can buy a lot of packs as the expansion comes out. I have been late to the party on this game so far. Even though I had beta acces it never captured me enough to play a lot, untill a friend explained and helped me play a little. I’m not as hooked on the game as he is, but I’m having some casual fun with unlocking new cards, working my way through the PvE adventures Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain and battling my way to rank 20 every month so I can get that month’s card back (especially the Cupcake card back is awesome to have).

The end of my vacation in Sweden is in sight aswell. I have spent a lovely week here with mostly good weather and I will be catching my flight home tomorrow from Copenhagen in the evening so I still have most of two days left here. Unfortunately atleast today looks to be bad weather wise so I will have to spend most of the time indoors. Maybe it’s an incentive to finally get some more time in on my Pokemon X, a game I had started a while ago but never really finished. Or I could battle to rank 20 on my Hearthstone account. So many choices!
I have to say I missed sleeping in my own bed a lot so I’m happy to go home in that regard but otherwise I will miss my time here. Who knows, maybe I’ll be back someday…

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