Hello Blaugust and gaming goals

So we’ve finally made it to what is offically the first day of Blaugust this year! July has been a bit of a wild ride for me with time off, Shadowbringers launch and hosting a friend for a week. It’s the reason why I didn’t really want to tie down on a “goals for the month” post. However August should be calmer and thus I feel like I can actually devote some time to setting goals for the month.

MMO Goals

  • Cap weekly on the new tomestones in FFXIV and get healing gear upgrades
  • Level my Black Mage to 80. Level my Red Mage to 80
  • Level my Alchemist to 70. Level my Culinarian to 50. Level my Botanist and Miner to 80
  • Poke away at the ARR Relic chain for the White Mage weapon. I really want more transmog options… I’m currently at the Atma step.
  • Play through Nazjatar and Mechagon content in WoW and unlock flying
  • Play some GW2

Non-MMO Goals

  • Play through and write about FFVIII, not necessarily finish it though
  • Play through and write about Spider-man on the PS4

So as you can see for August my main focus will still be on FFXIV and getting stuff done there. Otherwise I want to put some time in the new WoW content and some time in general playing Guild Wars 2. Finally I already announced I wanted to be playing FFVIII and Spider-man so I will be doing just that. I’m hoping to finish Spider-man this month, I’m not aiming to finish FFVIII but I do want to make some decent progress.

All in all I think all the goals I’ve set are doable, I just need to be smart with planning my game time to achieve all of them.

4 thoughts on “Hello Blaugust and gaming goals

  1. I’m not sure why it never occurred to me but having a monthly checklist seems like a really good idea. Thanks for the inspiration. Just getting through the Nazjatar and Mechagon content in order to get flying already feels overwhelming to me, let alone the rest of your list.

    • Years of being an avid MMO gamer helps me put together checklists for pretty much anything. Although I have to admit I kind of stole the idea myself from some other blogs around. It’s just the easiest way to do things 🙂

      And you do you! Everyone games at their own pace ^^ this list just helps me remember what I’m hoping to accomplish this month as targets, it’s not a 100% must complete endeavour.

    • Thanks! You were actually one of my inspirations to start making these types of lists to begin with haha. Good luck on your August goals aswell 😀 let’s do our best to attain them all.

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