The gaming fire is kind of out

I think the title is kind of self explanatory and I’m not sure how big of a post this will be but the gaming fire seems to be a bit out the past two weeks.
I’ve been extremely busy with other things. Work. Meeting up with friends. Going to the movies. Going to the gym. Going to the pool. I’ve barely had time to sit down and game, apart from maybe an hour of WoW last weekend and a stray dungeon in FFXIV. I’ve played about an hour of Pokémon Sword today, trading Pokémon with my friend and catching a few more to fill up my Pokédex. I’m nowhere near the goal I set myself but I’ve obtained around 15 new Pokémon today nonetheless.

I’ve been reserving some time to write in a journal every day, aswell as be more thorough with my bedtime routine. Making sure my kitchen and counter is clean before I head into the bathroom. Applying all the lotions, properly cleaning my teeth (with floss and picks) and just making sure I take care of myself and my appearance better. I take a bit of time to read that days blogs in bed right before I go to sleep.
So yeah. Gaming is coming up at absolute last place right now and I’m okay with that. It’s also the reason my blog has been quite inactive. I just really don’t have anything to write about.

Things may change in the coming weeks, I never know when what mood strikes me, but for now I’m in one of my “I can’t be arsed to game” moods and it feels like it will last for a little while longer.

2 thoughts on “The gaming fire is kind of out

  1. I feel like I get a bit of gaming burnout around this time of year as well. The weather starts easing up a bit and I play through all the games I picked up over holiday.

  2. I definitely get into slumps. I think I might be coming out of one, though. Do what’s fun for you–eventually you’ll want to game again and then it will feel right!

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