Feeling Braindead – Blaugust day 9

I want to say I have hit something of a writer’s block but that’s not the case. I know what I want to write and want to talk about on my blog. I even had a post prepared on my laptop, but for some reason I didn’t feel like using that material right now. My head feels a bit heavy today, I’m having one of my headache days, and not drinking enough isn’t helping either.

Looking at Twitter there is enough going on in the big world of gaming today. There was the WoW Dev Q&A that I missed which was apparently very uneventful. There is League of Legends playoffs which I’m having on in the background. I could catch up on some Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone tournament VOD’s or look at Method winning Frostmourne. This is all stuff that I watch rather than play though. My motivation to start up a game is on an all time low today. I managed to get my mandatory Tavern Brawl win in on Hearthstone and played two games of Heroes of the Storm with a friend, but I’m just not feeling it.

I can’t say I feel restless, I rather feel tired. Physically and mentally. My head is just empty today and my body desires nothing but laying down. I refuse to give in to it though, using the time instead to clean out my bedroom, the bathroom and vacuum the entire upper floor of the house. Oh and do some laundry aswell. I wish I could just start up a game and lose myself in it for a few hours, but meh. I guess today isn’t really a gaming day and in a way that’s okay aswell.

Lara Croft
One of the PS Plus free games this month is Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. Unlike the Tomb Raider games this game isn’t very much an RPG but instead a top down action/adventure game. You can play it with up to 4 people and your goal is to resurrect Osiris to stop Set.
I got to play it a bit with two friends yesterday and had a blast. I managed to claim Lara (she is a very contested character) and proceeded to die a lot, but that didn’t matter.
The game is made up out of a main objective: defeat a Map’s endboss and claim a piece of Osiris’ statue, and a lot of side objectives. For instance there are 5 red skulls hidden throughout every map which you can find for extra loot. There’s “beat the timer” challenges and “get x amount of points”. Running with more than one person allowed us to get up to difficult places with good teamwork. It was also very fun to place bombs and blow my friends up with them, although I’m sure they disagreed.
There are a lot of fun mechanics to advance in maps and if anyone who owns a PS4 is searching for a fun game, which isn’t too complicated, to play with friends I can heartily recommend this one. It will keep you busy for a few hours and you won’t feel bored whatsoever.
I still need to discover how the game is solo, but I want to stripe of more of my gaming to-do list before I add this one.

Fun in the Sun – Blaugust day 8

It’s a bit of a slow day today for me. I went out to visit a friend and we went shopping. Or well I went shopping and dragged him along haha. Gaming wise I didn’t do much today. I took my 3DS with me, since I had to be underway for about an hour, and played through the first world of Super Mario Bros!
Another thing on my gaming to do list to scratch off. The problem I have with the Mario Bros game is that you don’t really complete it by just finishing the game. You see every level has three big star coins hidden throughout the level that you need in order to unlock secret bonus levels. I have not been collecting all of them, I’ve been more focused on just playing through the game, but I intend to go back and grab all of them and “finish” the game that way aswell. Some are really impressively hidden so I’m sure it will take me some time to actually find all of them.
And then there are hidden worlds you need to unlock via special cannons… I’ll probably read up on that after I played through the main storyline. Because unlockable content is cool!

Mostly though I’ve enjoyed being outside today, let my skin soak up some vitamin D (ofcourse with sunscreen on) had some nice munchies and generally relaxed before work starts on Tuesday. I have gotten my roster and boy am I in for a treat! I’m starting earlier than expected so I guess I’ll have to get used to getting up at 7, instead of 9.30-10.00 that I’m getting up now. Atleast I’m rostered for 32 hours a week so the pay should be nice. I don’t think I will get much done in the way of gaming though. I expect to be seriously tired and will probably go to bed around 22.00 the first week because I will lack sleep otherwise.

To end the evening, and before heading to bed and completely passing out, I’ve played through some Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris with a few buddies. It’s a 1-4 player game and it was free through Playstation Plus this month. We quite enjoyed ourselves. I might write about it in a bit more detail today. For now I’m heading to bed.

I know I’m about an hour too late with posting this officially for Blaugust. But it’s still considered to be my post for the 8th!

See you guys tomorrow!