The final day of Blaugust

Screenshot around Costa Del Sol

Completely unrelated screenshot but Costa Del Sol is by far my favourite zone in FFXIV so I figured I would feature that at the start of my post. There’s something about that azure blue sea and the beaches that makes me feel like I’m on vacation and that’s a feeling I desperately need right now.

We’ve arrived at the final day of Blaugust. At the start I set a goal to write a post every day. Unfortunately things didn’t really work out as I hoped they would and I end the month just a few posts short of the fabulous Rainbow badge. On one side it irks me. I would have loved to write a post everyday and I had enough material to do so aswell. I was planning to talk about Octopath Traveler and I had so much to say about the Battle for Azeroth launch while also still doing some stuff in FFXIV. However a valuable lesson I’ve learned over the past month is that as an adult you have to make choices. There is just no way I can do everything that I want with the limited time I have. I love to game and I love to talk about gaming but when work gets to be super stressful gaming comes second to trying to stay healthy. There have been many a night where I’ve fallen asleep before or after dinner as I was exhausted. Even as I’m writing this blog post with the semifinal of the EU League of Legends Summer championship in the background I’m battling sleep. I’m just not giving in because I know I’ll wake up around midnight feeling really bad and not being able to fall back asleep. So sometimes I chose to go to bed early and minimize my screen time. Sometimes I’d choose to stay up a little later so I could finish a blog post or something in a game, knowing that I would be a bit of a zombie the next day. It happens and it’s how life is when you have very long work weeks.

All in all I’ve found this Blaugust a very positive experience. Hanging with the “crowd” in Discord was fun and even though I didn’t really get to commenting on other people’s blogs I did add a few more to my Feedly to read, which is nice. I want to continue having a regular posting schedule, which basically boils down to more than once or twice a week, because I have so many things to write about still and I’ve noticed that writing on this blog more often just helps me clear my head aswell. Especially the more personal posts, even though they always seem to end up a bit on the rambly side, help me organise my thoughts and deal with things that I normally try to deal with on my own.

So with that this is my final post for Blaugust and I’ve already got an idea of what my first post of September will be. Luckily September starts tomorrow, which means I’ll actually be rested (yay for Saturdays!) and I’ll have time to write. It was a pleasure to participate and I hope you all enjoyed my posts.

The Familiar Itch

With Legion fast approaching (only 11 more days!) I’ve been getting the familiar WoW itch again. I’ve mostly neglected WoW, except logging for my Garrison gold stuff. On occassion when I wanted to play a game that didn’t require me to think too much I would log into Azeroth, kill some bosses for mounts, do some Archeology or just dailies for even more mounts, pets, toys.
This all changed with the start of the Legion pre-patch. I’ve been enjoying the invasions thoroughly on multiple characters. My warrior has gotten some awesome transmog weapons, my Shaman is gaining loads of XP as I use the invasions to level her up and I’ve been grinding out gear on my Hunter. All in all a very positive experience. It also helps that with this event the servers everywhere have more or less come back to life again. It’s nice to see a lot of people participating and just being around.

Today is also the day I caved and bought the Digital Collectors edition of Legion. I want the crossgame goodies and I desperately wanted to try out Demon Hunter, now that the big wave of them has mostly died down. Honestly I was so consumed with the Demon Hunter starter experience, the lore tied to it and the gameplay of the class itself that I completely forgot to take screenshots along the way. I’m pretty sure I’ll be making another Demon Hunter later on in the expansion though (an Alliance one this time) so I will probably take it a bit more slow and screenshot the amazing starter experience Blizzard made for Demon Hunters.
So far I do feel like the class has this huge potential to be absolutely overpowered. I love the gameplay and mobility. I love the looks. I love the lore. And yet I probably won’t abandon my Warrior for one. I’m attached to my little Night Elf berserker way too much to give her up, but I might replace my Hunter with the Demon Hunter as character to roll with on the Horde side. I’ve always loved to play Melee classes and the Demon Hunter itself is a class I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. Ever since I saw them up on the Black Temple wielding their glaives, instructing their pupils and generally looking badass I’d always hoped they would become a playable class. Lo and behold, Blizzard made my long “player fantasy” come through. And not only with the Illidari, but also with having Illidan play another role in an expansion again. I absolutely love the character to bits and pieces and I hope we get to see more of him as Legion unfolds.

Like more bloggers I’ve been failing my Blaugust schedule. Although I really really wanted to be able to write a blogpost every single day, I just didn’t have the inspiration to do so. There’s only so much I can talk about and when you’re staring at a blank screen for over half an hour it’s time to do something else instead. I’m still struggling to find my way on this blog. I want to include some more pictures of what I’m up to in games and I want to make it a bit more informative, but I’m just not sure how. For now though I’ll stick to posting as much as I possibly can.

Going Pro?

This morning I stumbled upon the fact that MMOgames is hiring freelance writers. After my initial enthusiasm and serious consideration of applying there I gave it some second thoughts after I got home from work.
You see, I write this blog because I enjoy it. Because it gives me a way to write stuff about what I do on a daily basis, what I like and what I don’t like, I can give opinions about anything or nothing. I can make it completely my own and there is no external pressure to write. If I want to have a hiatus I can! If I want to blog on a daily basis, I can! It just gives me a lot of freedom and enjoyment to have my own little corner on the internet that I can manage myself without having people looking over my shoulders or expecting anything of me. If you’re on a deadline to write though, it’s different. There’s expectations, pressure to not only produce content, but well articulated, opinionated content that doesn’t look like a non-English speaking person who has just had their first course in English wrote it. And I don’t think I’m up for that yet. Hell I don’t really produce that type of content on here either.
It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s more that I’m just not experienced enough to feel up to the challenge. Even if I’ve been blogging for multiple years now I still feel like I’m only a beginner. That there is so much room for me to grow, to produce higher quality content, to make this blog more my own. I feel like I haven’t even reached half of my potential when it comes to writing. It’s why I happily accepted the “blog every day” challenge for August. Not only will it help me produce more content, but I will actually have to think about what I write more to stay interesting, thus challenging myself, thus hopefully produce more interesting reading material.

Of course I could just throw myself into the fray aswell. What’s the worst that could happen? Maybe a deadline is what I need to motivate me to do stuff. Maybe I’ll be an excellent writer. Maybe I’ll even be able to produce more content thatn I could have ever imagined. Maybe. And as long as the maybe’s are this plentiful I think it’s probably not the best idea now to commit to something I have serious doubts about. Even if it would look amazing to have on my resumé, even if it’s something I really wanted to do ever since I got into serious gaming and blogging. It’s just something that I don’t feel confident enough about. I really want to improve my little corner of the internet first. Add a bit more posts that cover more than “look what I did today!”. Have more opinions. Write a few guides. Talk about games that I have completed and what I thought about them in a more lengthy, review style way than I have been doing now. It’s all things that I’m working on and it’s all things that I want to get on my blog on a regular fashion. So untill I’ve done that and feel comfortable with my writing and my opinions and my blogposts, I won’t “go pro”.