About Me

Hi! My name is Sandrian and I like to play games.

I’ve started my gaming career early on in life when I got my first console, a Sega Genesis, and later on a Game Boy.
Fast forward to 2007 where I got involved in my first MMORPG, that being World of Warcraft, and ever since I’ve expanded my gaming interests with MMO’s still being my favourite.

In real life I work at the headoffice of a big Dutch retail company, have my own gamer lady home and love going to concerts and do other outings.

I own a variety of gaming consoles but I’m most active on my Playstation 4 and my Nintendo Switch but I can bust out a Nintendo 3DS and WiiU every now and then aswell. I also have a gaming computer but it’s being used less due to me mostly using the Playstation 4 as main console these days. Right now you can mostly find me playing on the Moogle (EU) server in FFXIV, which is also the game of focus for most of my blog posts.