Month: January 2015

My Sweet Healers

Priests. I really like that archetype class. It’s why I’m currently maining one in World of Warcraft and why I enjoy playing White Mage a lot in Final Fantasy.

I feel attracted to the class for many reasons. One of them being that I like being able to do “good” but also to play “evil”, referring to Holy and Shadow specs in World of Warcraft. Right now I play Shadow, for my own sanity since WoW healing is a bit out of the question for me. We have a very vocal healing leader and I can’t really deal with his constant critisism and whining over little stuff. So I chose to be DPS and am enjoying it very much.
Another reason, and this goes for both FFXIV and WoW, is that I feel the Priest archetype has the best overal look. Priest sets in WoW are some of the most beautiful sets out there, sorry Mages, and in FF the healing gear usually looks beautiful. From the Cleric set for White Mage till endgame gear, it all looks gorgeous. It radiates power, but in an innocent way. It’s not the raw power that comes from other magic wielders but rather the power to aid your friends, instead of vanquishing your foes.

I have tried many other healing classes in World of Warcraft, Wildstar and Final Fantasy XIV, but I keep coming back to the Priest archetype. There is no other class that makes me so happy to play. The simplicity of just healing people, without fancy stuff like shields, totems and other fancy tools appeals to me on many levels.

The DPS side is rather unique aswell and is mostly present in World of Warcraft. You see, Shadowpriests aren’t simply evil priests. They still have acces (albeit less since Warlords of Draenor than in previous expansions) to healing and shielding spells. But they have discovered the darker side of magic, magic that not heals your allies but instead saps health from your foes. I remember fondly when Shadowpriest dots not only damaged your enemies but healed you aswell. It was a glorious time.
It also shows that even the holiest of institutions has a shadow side, a side that rather uses their power to harm others than to do good. I feel this sends a big moral message. Whereas Paladins use holy power to smite down their enemies, Shadowpriests actually use shadow magic, making them unique amongst the classes in World of Warcraft.

I’m proud to call myself a Priest. To dabble with Holy and Shadow spells (if you’re wondering, Discipline can go die in a fire) and to play the only character who can play two completely different specs, light and shadow, and still rock at both.
I’m proud to call myself a White Mage, archetype healer in the Final Fantasy series. Wielder of nature’s power without fancy ado. Simple powerhouse healing but also able to enough damage when needed to.

Back in Azeroth

World of Warcraft… It really is addictive.
I’ve been back into Azeroth since about a week before the expansion hit and haven’t really left it since. Partly it’s because of current game design. With garrison’s you’re almost forced to log atleast twice a day to keep track of all your missions. The other part is that it’s still addictive as hell. I really like Warlords of Draenor as expansion so far. I had much more fun touring around Draenor than I had in Pandaria and the game pulls me in stronger than two years ago when Mists launched.

I’ve spent a lot of time ingame, and not much time thinking about my blog to be honest. There’s so much going on in my life at the moment that writing has taken a backseat. I guess it’s a recurring theme.
I’m currently following therapy for my insecurities and the depression that has been caused by this. Emotionally I’m still very unstable and I don’t feel very great for most of the days. Everything is too much for me to handle, so I had to give up my officer spot in my current guild and even decided to quit the healing team (I’m maining my Priest still) just so I can just drop my responsibilities. The people around me aren’t helping my case much either, I feel lonely and abandoned in my current guild with my friends not really being my friends and a lot of new faces that I don’t really want to get to know right now. Life feels very hard and unfair and every hour seems to be a struggle.

I’ve tried to pick up Final Fantasy XIV again aswell but I just can’t motivate myself to log two MMO’s right now. My focus is shattered and since I’m raiding on WoW I feel like my priorities should be there.

I hope things will start to look brighter soon and I can commit to some more things, like this blog.