The gaming fire is kind of out

I think the title is kind of self explanatory and I’m not sure how big of a post this will be but the gaming fire seems to be a bit out the past two weeks.
I’ve been extremely busy with other things. Work. Meeting up with friends. Going to the movies. Going to the gym. Going to the pool. I’ve barely had time to sit down and game, apart from maybe an hour of WoW last weekend and a stray dungeon in FFXIV. I’ve played about an hour of Pokémon Sword today, trading Pokémon with my friend and catching a few more to fill up my Pokédex. I’m nowhere near the goal I set myself but I’ve obtained around 15 new Pokémon today nonetheless.

I’ve been reserving some time to write in a journal every day, aswell as be more thorough with my bedtime routine. Making sure my kitchen and counter is clean before I head into the bathroom. Applying all the lotions, properly cleaning my teeth (with floss and picks) and just making sure I take care of myself and my appearance better. I take a bit of time to read that days blogs in bed right before I go to sleep.
So yeah. Gaming is coming up at absolute last place right now and I’m okay with that. It’s also the reason my blog has been quite inactive. I just really don’t have anything to write about.

Things may change in the coming weeks, I never know when what mood strikes me, but for now I’m in one of my “I can’t be arsed to game” moods and it feels like it will last for a little while longer.

Sandy’s Sunday: EUphoria

This past week has been dominated by two games for me. For the people who don’t follow it, two weeks ago the League of Legends World Championship started and today is the final day of the group stages. I’ve tried my best to follow most of the games, especially the ones with European teams and I’m quite pleased that all three EU teams managed to make it out of group stage and into the quarterfinals. They actually made it out in such a way that it’s impossible for them to see eachother in said quarter finals, setting up for quite an interesting rest of worlds. In theory, if they all win their QF we can have a 3/4 EU semi-finals. Which would be amazing considering the World Championship is held on EU soil this year. So my TV is on and showing League for most of the time that I’m home.
Next to that Riot Games has it 10 year anniversary celebration right now and next to announcing a ton of new games there’s also a ton to do in League because of it. So I’m doing an ARAM (all random all mid) game every day so I can pick up the loot that comes with the anniversary. It’s been nice to play again and even though I don’t think I will play anything but ARAMs I’m quite happy to play for a bit every day.

The other game that has been getting my attention is Final Fantasy XIV. I’ve been doing a lot of crafting dailies and right now I finally have Culinarian at level 70 and Blacksmith is well on it’s way to level 55. I also managed to get Armorer to 36 so there’s progress on three jobs. Doing all the job quests associated with these jobs have taken all morning this morning but I’m happy to have knocked them out. In the spirit of job quests I’ve found out that there is no specific level 80 job quest for Botanist or Miner, unfortunately. So I will be dropping these from my goals list and focus on other things like leveling my Monk (who dinged 76 today) and grinding more beast tribe dailies. All in all I’m quite happy that I have Culinarian finished and can turn my attention to Blacksmith and Armorer now. I’m quite certain Armorer will be level 50 before long, but I’m not sure if I can get Blacksmith to 70 before the end of the month. I guess we’ll see.
Next to my own progress, Square Enix finally announced the 5.1 patch date: October 29th. I’ll be happy to finally get some new lore to devour and the Nier themed raid looks amazing. I also definitely want to take a jab at Hades EX. The one thing I’m really missing is the announcement of this expansion’s relic weapons. I really hope they go back to the old form they were in Heavensward and A Realm Reborn and not the silly subzone they conjured up for Stormblood. I really hated that grind and if it’s going to be something similar I will definitely skip out on relic weapons for another expansion.

All in all I’ve had a nice productive week when it comes to, especially, FFXIV. Next week my focus will still be on that but also on Ring Fit Adventure that I bought for the Switch. I will keep you guys updated on how I find that game and if it’s actually a decent workout. For now I’m looking forward to the final day of Worlds group stage and a Sunday filled with gaming and relaxation.

Phone Woes

Under water with sunbeams

I’m having a bit of a rough week with my phone this week. At the start of the year we had a few weeks where it was extremely cold outside and my iPhone did not like that. It would just shut off while still having 30% battery left and that was that. Once I came back home and it was warmed up it worked fine again. This should’ve been a first warning sign that my battery was slowly decaying. Ofcourse cold temperatures are never good for technology but -5 degrees celsius is something that a phone should be able to handle.
The past week, as it’s getting colder again but no freezing temperatures yet, once again my battery seems to be draining rapidly. Again I had 30% -> 1% drops in battery life and even a 100% to 57% in the span of 5 minutes, even while sitting in the train. Whenever I’d use my phone in the morning after turning off airplane mode I would always have 10-20% battery drops aswell so in all my wisdom I decided it was time to get my battery replaced since I’m pretty sure there were a few rotten cells.

According to the phone shop I still had about 70% capacity left but due to the sudden drops in percentage I opted to replace my battery anyway, which after more than 3.5 years of use should be a saving grace. However after charging up the new battery this morning it’s showing odd behaviour again. I saw the battery charge to about 99% and figured I’d wait a few more minutes to get it to 100. However when I went back to check it suddenly had 85% charge and, after hard resetting the iPhone, it dropped to 80%. I figured the battery was being a bit wonky so I plugged my phone back in to charge and calibrate properly, however even though I get the indication my phone is charging it’s not actually charging past 81%.
I’m sincerely hoping it’s something to do with the replacement battery I had put in yesterday so I can just go back and have them look at it, it came with a 3 month warrantee, otherwise I’m scared they may have broken something while replacing the battery. The dock connector could be an option but because it was working fine before I doubt that’s the case. In the worst case it could be my phone itself that’s just defective after 3.5 years of extensive use. Right now I’m mostly trying to find out whether it doesn’t want to charge anymore at all or just not past 81%. So as experiment I’m letting it drain during the day and plug it in again in the evening when the battery is down to 30-40% and pray it’ll charge back up again.

One thing this whole ordeal has made me realize is that I’m more reliant on my phone than I’d care to admit. Of course when push comes to shove and I have to pick up a new one it’s not the end of the world. It’s more that this phone has some sentimental value due to it being a birthday present from my dad almost four years ago and I’m not really the type to pick up a new phone every two years to begin with, however it’s beginning to look like I’ll have to search for a replacement.

The screenshot at the start of this post is actually super unrelated to the topic. But I think it’s pretty and wanted to show it off.

November Goals?

I realized that I’ve basically already written a bit of a masterplan of goals for the rest of my year so I was unsure if I really wanted to write a November goals post. But maybe I should, because it will explain a lot of things that happened in October and why I’ve made the shift to FFXIV.

Normally I’d take a look back at my goals of October and how much I’ve actually done of them, but I’ve failed all of them so miserably that I’m not going to bother.
At the start of October I was still heavily invested in WoW. I’d found a raid group to run with and had tons of banter with friends. However I noticed that my general interest in the game was already starting to wane. I’ve made no attempts to finish up storylines on my Paladin on Horde side, because I really wasn’t interested in the stories. World Quests were beginning to feel like a chore and the raiding as Retribution slowly got to me (I don’t enjoy the spec). One of my best friends announced halfway through the month that he would let his subscription lapse and another one followed suit last week. This has only reinforced my own drifting away from the World of Warcraft. I’ve bought a six month sub and I’m definitely going to keep it running if I feel the need to play more but for now WoW is going to take a permanent backseat as I focus back onto Final Fantasy XIV.

Next to this I’ve been in a gaming funk in general. I do enjoy running stuff in FFXIV because it’s low effort and I can do most of it without thinking plus a few of my friends are more active over there again so I have people to chat with. For the past two days however I’ve simply just been so tired that I had no energy to log into any game at all. I’ve been going through some crazy changes at work, which will still linger for a few weeks, so going to bed early has been a priority over any nightly entertainment. This is also the reason I’m not really wanting to commit to any goals besides pushing up jobs in FFXIV this month. Real life is just getting a bit too crazy and I really need more hours of sleep because of it.

I am wanting to post more progress updates, and more blogposts in general, so look forward to those instead of a static list of goals for this month.

First Week Drama?

The first week of the new year has been an odd one for me. Work has been seriously stressful and it’s giving me sleepless nights. I’m also still fretting about buying my house and all the financial stuff that comes looking with it. My dad tries to tell me that everything is taken care of and that it will all work out fine but I can’t help but stress about it. Maybe I’m also anxious because the idea of moving out is finally becoming a reality. I will be living on my own in ~1-1.5 years and the idea frightens me. I know it sounds a bit silly but for someone who has had mental health issues for years stuff like this just sets me back majorly. I get very anxious and depressed and worry excessively about every little detail. I can’t really seem to turn the train of thoughts off in my brain and it’s quite difficult to deal with. Especially since I can’t really share this with my Dad and his girlfriend because they can’t sympathise. I feel like I’m fighting this fight on my own and I can’t really explain well why I feel the way I do. I guess the change of everything is scaring me to death and it’s something I will have to learn to cope with.

Next to this I’m also dealing with a delayed graduation from Uni. I’ve accidentally signed up for the wrong Master track and will have to switch to the right one, which means I can’t apply for my diploma till February 1st. I know that it’s only 3 weeks away but it feels like an eternity. I just want my diploma right now and be done with all of it. My university time has traumatized me more than I can explain and I rather not go back there when I don’t have to. I really want all of this to be over so I can finally let it go and breathe a little more easy.

Now I don’t want to be a negative Nancy about this entire week. I actually managed to leave the house for something else than work this weekend and treated myself to a haircut and getting my eyebrows plucked. I also finally decided to get a new computer so I put in an order at our local PC shop where they assemble the PC to my wishes. Specs wise it should last me a while and they have assured me that they build them in such a way that it’s easy to replace parts if need be.
I also managed to pick up a 3DS game I’ve been eyeing since forever at a bargain.

So now I’m stroling around in the world of “Yo-Kai Watch”. I’ve played the demo for the first game and I’ve read the reviews for the other games to come out. “Bony Spirits” was on offer for only €19,98 so I thought to myself, why not? I’ve been wanting to play a Pokémon like RPG for a while without it being actual Pokémon. I’m having a rather hard time getting into Ultrasun and this fits my needs nicely. It’s much more a story type RPG than Pokémon is and the graphics are surprisingly nice for the 3DS. I’m playing in 3D and it really works for this game. Seeing as it’s an entirely new IP for me, and it’s not as grindy as games like Xenoblade Chronicles or Bravely Default, I can see myself having some fun with this game the rest of the month. I hope I can play a lot and make considerable headway instead of playing for an hour or so and putting it down never to pick it up again. I really want this year to be the year that I actually finish games and this Yo-Kai watch will be the first on the list.

As for the rest of the weekend. I hope to finish off Argus on my Warrior and poke my head into some LFR. I also want to do the Heavensturn event in FFXIV and level my miner a bit. I want to play some more Yo-Kai and I need to clean my room so I will have a relaxed but full program for the rest of the night and tomorrow.

Shopping day!

Ingame I’m often known for my collections. I like collecting things. Be it gear sets, mounts, pets, weapons or achievements, I always want to get the most things out of everyone. The same goes for collecting Platinum Trophies and temporary items. This has led me to a very big collection of mounts and pets in WoW and I’m aiming to get all mounts available in FFXIV aswell.

Next to ingame collecting I like collecting stuff in real life aswell. I like looking at my shelf full of physical game copies, my books and my various plushies and statues. I mostly enjoy Blizzard related things, I really love their franchise, but I also have some League of Legends statues here and there. My plushies are mostly from the Final Fantasy franchise though but equally loved.
Yesterday I went to pick up Splatoon 2 for my Switch and at the store they had “Cute but Deadly” mystery figurines. These figurines come from the Blizzard world and were picked from Diablo 3, Overwatch, World of Warcraft and Starcraft. There were 12 different ones to get, including two treasure Goblins that I’m pretty sure no one really wants to have. So I said, why not. I enjoy getting a collectible here and then, mostly because I really don’t have the room for more than a few right now. After that I went into town for a bit more untill my train departed and enjoyed walking in the sun and letting the workweek slip away from my conciousness.

So after I came home from shopping my haul looked something like this:

I bought a daycream aswell since I have very problematic skin and I had tried almost every cheaper brand of cream in existence. Rituals is more expensive as a brand, but has less artifical ingredients and a bit more natural ones that agree with my skin better. So far I’m quite pleased with the stuff and I hope it will last me a while. As you can see I opted to get Splatoon physical due to liking to collect and wanting to support my usual Game store.
Lastly there is the cute but deadly box. What was in it?
The silvery cellofane didn’t give away much. I could feel the shape of the figurine inside though and it didn’t feel like a treasure goblin. Which was the figurine I wanted to avoid.
It ended up being Pharah. Not the figurine I necessarily wanted (I could get Tyrande, Tracer or Nova) but also not one of the ones I desperatly tried to avoid (I’m looking at you Treasure Goblin). All in all I was happy with the end result. You never really know what comes in these mystery packages and they’re quite rare as it is here in the Netherlands. I was quite excited that my usual shop had ordered a box of these things and I hope that they will still have them when I get there next time.

For now I’m going to spend most of my evening playing FFXIV while my Switch charges and then dive into Splatoon 2 tomorrow and learn to be the freshest Squid in the city.

Sunday Morning Musings

Actually by the time I’m writing this particular post it’s already past 2 in the afternoon here, but what the heck, it’s morning somewhere in the world right? So I’m just going to go with Morning muses…

Sunday is a weird day for me. I’ve turned it into my chores day for the week, since it’s usually the day that I know I will be at home to get stuff done. This means that for a big part of the rest of the week I let my room become this huge mess, which I then clean up on Sundays. This entails folding away a few days worth of clean laundry, taking all the dishes downstairs and clean them, dust and vacuum my room and changing my bedsheets.
It’s also the day I consider my “offscreen” day. Because I plan all my chores on this day, and because I spend enough time staring at one computer screen or the other the entire week, it’s nice to look at something else besides pixels on a screen.

This week I find it even more important to just stay away from using my wrist/mouse too much. I’m not sure how I did it, but I’ve hurt my wrist somehow with either sleeping on it the wrong way, or making a wrong move with carrying my bag. I know what RSI feels like, and this isn’t it. It just feels like a muscle pulled the wrong way at some point, and when I make certain movements it kind of hurts… Which also limits the time I’m able to use a mouse. Which is incredibly sucky seeing as I’ve been playing Diablo 3 a lot the past two days… Which you largely navigate by using your mouse.

Speaking of Diablo… I realize how much of a love/hate relationship I really have with that game. I always love the new Season starts, only to be disappointed about a week of playing in. You see, when I picked up this game at the inital launch we had a little group of friends that would play with eachother. That group of friends is still there… Only whereas they still play together, I feel like I’m being left out. I know that I can come across as whiny in all my posts about my friendships lately, but I’m just really sick of how things are going and have developed over the last year. I don’t always want to be the one to start things up anymore, or the one to stay in touch. And it’s affecting my gameplay and the enjoyment of some games, but most of all Diablo 3.
So for this season I’ve set my standards quite low. I just want to play my monk and unlock all the chapter rewards. I’m not aiming to be the best on the Greater Rift ladders (because honestly I really can’t be arsed to put in the time) but I do want to experience all the new stuff Blizzard has added. So doing atleast one Class Set Dungeon is quite high on my list. As of right now I need to complete about five more challenges to finish up my last chapter, all of which are tied to playing more so I can earn rewards to tackle content. This Season I don’t have to worry about gear, because Blizzard has been nice enough to hand you a full set for completing challenges in the chapters. So I’m rocking a 4/6 Sunwuko set with a really disgusting build. And loving it… For now.

Weekend Entertainment
A thing that has rolled around again is LCS or League Championship Series. Although I haven’t played League of Legends in forever, I love watching the various series in the weekends. This year I prefer the NA scene over the EU scene, simply because the players I cheer for and enjoy most are playing in that region at the moment. I’m cheering extra hard for Renegades this split, since they are the first team to have a girl on the starting roster and I’m damn proud that she made it up to that stage.
Other than that I’m still cheering my butt off for Doublelift, who should be able to become a formidable force down in the botlane now that he has Yellowstar as support. Although my heart broke when Doublelift left CLG and “Rush Hour” botlane was no more, I’m sure he can make it work with his new Support. So yeah, suddenly I became a TSM fan after being a CLG fan for many seasons.

I don’t actually actively follow all the games. There are a select few I will watch, the rest I listen to while playing FFXIV for instance. It’s nice background “noise” for my Botanist leveling. I have to say my hour per day approach is seriously working for that. With the GC manuals, the GC daily turn-in and just doing leve’s I’ve already managed to get to level 43. I think I’ll be 50 soon enough, especially if I keep on doing about 2 levels a day.
The only thing I need to motivate myself for now is farming my Dragoon Zeta…

The Elephant In The Room

As I got home on Wednesday evening I browsed Steam for a bit. I always check out what games are on offer, even though most of them are really not my thing. Whilst doing this a game with a rather peculiar title caught my eye: Tembo the Badass Elephant. It was on sale for €3,24 and it looked to be some sort of silly platform game. I went to check it out for some fun and giggles, looked at some screenshots, looked at the trailer… And was hooked.
This game essentially brings me back to the 16-bit console days that I experienced as I was growing up. I had a Sega Genesis (called Mega Drive here in Holland) as a child, a present I got for my sixth birthday. My dad has always been a bit of a technology geek and he had seen the rise of video games early on. I’m pretty sure we still have a very old Atari game system in the attic somewhere… My mum wasn’t very much an avid gamer but she liked puzzles and eventually got one of those wannabe Gameboy type things that only had Tetris on it, which she was actually quite addicted too (and quite good at aswell I might add). Anyway, they decided to gift me a Sega which at the time came with the first Sonic the Hedgehog game. I’m not really sure how many hours I spent infront of this console, but it must have been quite a lot. I had a few Sonic games, a ton of Disney games and even a Jurassic Park game. My heart broke when eventually you couldn’t get any new games for the console anymore, even though I’ve only really finished a few of them.
Looking at Tembo, and the developing/production companies (SEGA and Game Freak, yes that company that developed the Pokémon franchise, that Game Freak) I felt like I needed to have this game, even if only it was on sale now so I could get it cheap.
The story of the game is simple. You are a Rambo type military elephant that needs to save Shell City from an organisation called Phantom. You do this in a platform type, sidescrolling game setting where the companies have tried their best to combine a lot of fun 16-bit game mechanics. It has the speed of Sonic, there’s some Donkey Kong and Yoshi’s world elements in it… And it’s just overall seriously hilarious. A level takes about 5-10 minutes to play through, depending on if you just want to finish the level or also want to complete all the objectives for that level. It’s simple fun, the style used in the game itself is very colourful with a lot of comic book elements (see picture below).
All in all I only have very good things to say about this game, except for the one flaw that is resolutions. In settings you can’t go higher than 1920x1080p, which is fine for me… But for people with higher resolution screens it obviously isn’t. Personally I would recommend just playing windowed, since fullscreen can be a bit buggy when shutting down (ie. I had it crash on me a few times) but if you’re looking for a fun sidescroller with a lot of 16-bit elements, this might just be the game for you.
MMORPG shenanigans
Season 5 of Diablo 3 has started yesterday and for the first time since the first season I’ve immediatly started to play at launch. I rebirthed my existing Monk and am well on my way to 70 already. If I didn’t have to go out today I would’ve been 70 before dinner easily, but alas. My monk is “stuck” on level 61.5 and I’m having a blast so far. You can notice Blizzard overhauled a lot of things with the latest patch and so far I’m having fun playing.
I’ve also been poking about in FFXIV a lot, leveling my Bard, my Astrologian and since Friday my Botanist. Endgame Gathering and Crafting has been the one area in FFXIV I haven’t poked my nose into yet and I really want to with this expansion. Seeing as the only crafter I have on 50 is Weaver… And the mats I need are gathered by Botanists… I figured why not just level that up and start working towards that level 60. So right now I’m doing about an hour or less a day of BTN leveling. It’s quite soothing in a way. Doing levequests to just gather things, doing a “get me X materials” quest every 5 levels. It allows me to zone out a bit and still feel useful. I hope I can get my BTN to 50 by the end of this week atleast, but seeing as I’ll be having a lot of free time, that shouldn’t be too big of a deal. Especially considering that my only other goal ingame right now is to finish my Dragoon Zeta. Which shouldn’t take very long either.

So Many Deaths

I wanted to blog about a completely different topic today, when Alan Rickman’s death suddenly popped up in a Whatsapp group chat. I couldn’t believe it, immediatly opened my news app on my phone and was sadly confirmed that he had indeed died at the age of 69.
With losing David Bowie earlier this week and Lenny of Mötorhead it feels like the start of 2016 has been a really bad one, in terms of celebrities dying. Although all deaths are tragic and to be mourned, especially by their loved ones, the Alan Rickman one hit me a bit harder than usual.

I grew up reading and watching the Harry Potter movies, and I hold the firm belief that he was perfectly casted for the role of Severus Snape. Snape had always been my favourite character in the books, way way back to when I started to read the first one and when I saw which actor portrayed him… I was so happy. He played him so well.
Ofcourse Snape isn’t the only big role he played. I especially enjoyed him as Metatron in Dogma and also as his role of Alexander in Galaxy Quest. Hell the only reason I knew who he was in Harry Potter was because I had seen him in these movies before. He was one of my favourite British actors and personalities, right up there with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. Alan has always struck me as a kind and friendly man, even though he has portrayed a lot of villains in the movies he was in. He was a brilliant actor and I hope he is now free of the pain that his disease must have caused him.
He will be missed dearly by a lot of people.

Half a toe
I haven’t really been online over the past week in general. Work has been busy and I’ve been feeling exhausted when I got home, so mostly I spent my evenings staring at my PC and not getting much done of anything really. Going out to dinner last night kind of ruined my plans for the entire evening aswell, but did make me realize I had to go see my GP. You see I have a very painful spot on my pinky toe, I think the correct English term is a “corn”? Not sure, The skin is hardened anyway and it hurts and no matter what I do… It doesn’t go away. I can’t really be comfortable in any of my shoes anymore so I had to face reality last night as I was walking to the restaurant… And was almost crying because it hurt so much. Seeing my GP in the morning we both came to the conclusion that it needs to be cut off… Which will mean I will roughly get half my pinky toe cut off on monday (yes the spot is THAT big). Which also means I can’t go to work after seeing as I got the advise to let my foot rest as much as possible… Which is kind of hard if you have to get to work 3 days after you get a surgical procedure like that done.
So next week I’ll be sittting at home, with my foot up on a stool, hoping my toe will heal correctly and that I’ll be rid of it forever. This will also probably be the ideal time for me to catch up on a lot of things… Including some university stuff that I’ve been waiting to wrap up forever.
Although I’m happy I’m getting some time “off” I’m bummed I can’t go to work. It’s less income for me that way… And I can really use the money. Not to mention I’m majorly stressing out about the healing itself since from the 25th till the 30th my agenda is absolutely swamped. I’m going to an Ellie Goulding concert (luckily with tickets for seats) and I have two wedding parties to attend. And I really don’t want to cancel all of that because of a stupid thing on my foot.

I’ll keep you guys updated on how things go… And spare you the nasty pictures.

Hunt(er)ing for Transmogs

I’m still playing World of Warcraft casually and have mostly put my focus into one Horde and one Alliance character for the moment. My Warrior (the Ally one) has been played for very long, has gathered many things and is just my veteran character overall. I have a lot of transmog sets on her, some more complete than others, and no problems switching them around. The Hunter however is a different story. Even though she is almost as old as Sandrian (the Warrior) she has much less in the way of cool sets to transmog. So today I decided to head out and get me some stuff to make my little Huntress look cool.
The first complete set I have gotten you can see above. It is kind of cheating since you can buy all this gear off of a vendor in Orgrimmar, but I’ve always been partial to the T11 hunter set. I like the bright green colours and, after leaving the vendor, I only needed the belt to drop from Cho’Gall in normal Bastion of Twilight. So I entered, wreaked some havoc, and got my belt to drop. First good transmog set: succes! Now I just need a bow to go with it…
Some of the other gear I’m chasing is the recolour of the Shaman T2 set. It drops in various Outland Heroic dungeons and I spent a good hour running them, hoping to see something drop. I managed to get the chestpiece from that set, but not much more. I did however get three items dropped from the Hunter T2 recolour, so there’s that.
All in all I’m happy to run my Murloc set until I can get my hands on the Shaman recolour. I will probably be farming those dungeons on a daily basis for that, but for now I don’t really mind.

All growns up!
I managed to finally ding my Ninja to 60 on FFXIV today, which means I can stripe the first thing off my huge gaming goal list for 2016. I had planned to do this earlier during my “holidays” but never really got round to commit myself to doing roulettes. So over the past weekend I just went full throttle and did all the roulettes plus Vanu Vanu dailies plus hunts. I also grinded some FATE’s for about an hour and a half to help a friend out for his crystal farm, which netted me a decent amount of experience aswell. Today after everything reset I finally managed to hit 60 and I’m very pleased with myself. I could immediatly equip a lot of level 60 gear that had been waiting for me and am now ilvl 164 on my Ninja. I’m being dragged down by the lack of proper rings, but that’s nothing a trip to Idyllshire can’t fix! I have enough Esoterics to buy atleast one ring and almost enough Law to buy the other. I should be able to run atleast expert roulette then and hopefully Void Ark so I can start gearing for real.
I also picked up the Anima relic quest again. Although this time I’m not really planning to farm FATEs for crystals, instead I am hoping to finish my Dragoon Zeta over the course of this week so I can hand that in and skip that grindy part… So I can go straight into the dungeons. Untill then I’m perfectly happy wielding the Law weapons… Since they look seriously awesome on a Ninja!

On what class I’m going to level next? Well for the moment I’m casually duo-leveling with a friend. He is a Dark Knight, I’m Astrologian. Sitting on level 35 at the moment, but not really planning to bring it up in a hurry. Instead I think I’ll focus on getting my Bard to 60 aswell. I miss being able to do some shooty from afar and Bard turned very interesting with Heavensward, so can’t wait to see what the level 60 gameplay looks like. For now though I need to head back into FFXIV and do my level 60 Ninja quest… I kind of forgot it existed!

New year, old friends
To end this blogpost I have been doing a little cleaning on my friends list for the New Year. I have so many people sitting on my ID that I don’t actually talk to anymore… So I’ve started to weed through them and ended up deleting a few off my friends list. After that I jumped to FFXIV and did the same. I had so many people there who were either not playing anymore or that I don’t interact with anymore… It feels kind of nice, letting go of a lot of that stuff.
In line with this I’m also kind of done running after people to get their attention. I want 2016 to be a good year for me and I don’t want to spend my time wasting energy on people who can’t give the same back to me. I’ll probably come over as grumpy writing this, but it’s exhausting to always be the one that needs to engage in conversations or appointments. If you are truly my friend it would be no big deal to ask me how I’m doing for once. I might lose some people like this that I have known for a very long time, but honestly… I don’t want to be dragged down and feel like I’m not worth anything to people anymore.