The Secret World: First Impressions

I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything with the Steam Summer Sale… But alas. I’ve caved and bought “The Secret World” Ultimate edition. And I’ve been playing around for a bit!
I have to say, the game itself is quite confusing. You really need to be used to playing MMO’s before diving into this one. So beginner friendly? Not really.
Character creation was ok, so was choosing a faction. I watched the introduction to all three and chose the Dragons. Templars felt too much like the Catholic church and although the Illuminati are interesting, I feel they are inherently too dark. Dragon sounded exactly like my cup of tea, so I went with that.
I probably picked up the weirdest weapon combinations ever (Elemental Focus and Fist Weapon) but so far I’m immensly enjoying the gameplay.
Oh and I took screenshots!

Meet Sassiej! I kind of didn’t notice she closed her eyes.
I made my way to Salomon Island that’s apparently infested by zombies and met the world’s last cowboy.

And after that I headed to Kingsmouth which was also under attack from zombies… And for some reason had a weird guy in a cat costume locked up playing a flute?

All in all I’m really liking the different setting. I’m mostly used to fantasy MMO’s with WoW and FFXIV being my top played. Diving into the “real world” with all it’s conspiracy theories and secret organisations is hella fun. And confusing… Mostly confusing.
I’ll keep you guys updated on how it goes! Seeing as I did buy the ultimate edition I have up untill issue 11 to play through. Go me?

3 thoughts on “The Secret World: First Impressions

  1. Congrats on diving in to a new experience. TSW is an interactive story to be savored. Plus dying can be a good thing. An early quest in KM (Kingsmouth) actually teaches you that sometimes the only way to complete a quest is to die…..

    And don’t forget to check out the covered bridge while dead. In a dark room. With headphones. Same goes for the Black House. . . . .

  2. Welcome to TSW. I hope you enjoy the stay, despite making a critical mistake already… the only proper faction to choose of course are the Templar. πŸ˜€ (Semi-serious, though: they are the only ones which respect their members. The others already for recruitment abduct you, drug you up and/or abuse you. )

    On the game not being complex and not beginner friendly: that’s true. But you can always join the chat channel Sanctuary (/chat join sanctuary, then rightclick on your chat tab, custom channels and enable it) and you’ll find many people ready to help. That’s a positive, the games community is very helpful.

    Next to that, enjoy the great stories. And on the guy in the cell: that’s a player. And, he used the “dead” state to get himself in there. As pkdude already said, being dead is not always a bad thing, and sometimes even required in this game. πŸ™‚

  3. Haha thanks for the warm welcomes! I’m really stepping into a completely new game here so any tips are nice.
    And sorry but not a Templar fan πŸ˜› it gives me the religion creeps. Although for curiousity sake I”ll probably roll a character with each faction at some point anyway. I do like being a Dragon for now.

    TSW will probably be my fridaynight game where I just can relax, play for a few hours and explore at my own pace πŸ™‚ I really like it being story driven, that will probably the big thing that will keep me coming back to the game.

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