Completing Collections

When Disney announced that they would be pulling the plug from Disney Infinity and their publisher (Avalanche) I was heartbroken. I love Disney as a company and grew up watching many of their movies and cartoons. Although I had lost touch with the Disney franchise a bit over the years, discovering Disney Infinity has been a blast for me, especially since they added the Star Wars franchise.
In March they announced many many plans stretching way into 2017. There would be a DI 4.0, there would be more playsets, limited edition figurines, crossplay. You name it, they were working on it. Alas in May completely out of the blue Disney announced they would be stopping with the Infinity franchise. Cancelling all future plans and basically pulling the plug on the most beloved toy-to-game franchise out there. I’m still baffled as to why they decided to do this, but unfortunately it has happened and there is nothing we can do about it now.
Fast forward to this week and I see Disney Infinity figurines and playsets being priced down like crazy. All the stores here want to get rid of their supplies since it’s a dying brand now and I still wanted to pick a lot of them up to complete my collection… So I did.

This was my collection two days ago after coming home. I picked up three additional figurines yesterday (Chewbacca, Poe Dameron and Fear from Inside Out) which leaves me with only one Star Wars figurine I still want to have: Darth Maul. Then I will have completed my Star Wars movie set and can sleep “easy”. No I’m not planning on getting the figurines from Rebels because I have no idea who they are and am not interested whatsoever.
I did complete my Inside Out collection now and I have almost all 3.0 Disney cartoon figurines with only Olaf, Mickey/Minnie, Spot and Baloo missing. And the newly released Alice Through the Looking Glass and Tron figurines which I have 0 interest in. The only thing I DO want to have is the Finding Dory playset which turns out to be extremely rare and the Nemo figurine you can get on it’s own.
All in all, if I look at my wishlist, there is still one playset (Finding Dory) and four figurines (Baloo, Nemo, Olaf, Darth Maul) I want to get. The rest of the figurines either do not hold my interest or are made in such a way I don’t like them (I’m looking at you Mickey and Minnie). So for the next few months I will be scouring the stores trying to get my hands on these, and any other interesting ones from maybe 1.0/2.0 that I can find.

What I find particularly interesting is the fact that I’ve been whipped into this crazy collection frenzy, knowing that it’s a franchise that will probably not be around for much longer. Although I never actively participated in the online community I did fell in love with the concept and it majorly triggered my collectionist self. I guess I’ll have to shift focus to another brand, with Amiibo being the most logical ones. I’m already planning to buy the first one of those, in the form of Wolf Link due to the new Legend of Zelda game. I’m also planning to get Kirby: Planet Robobot with Amiibo edition so that would mean the beginning of my Amiibo collection.
Let’s hope that Nintendo doesn’t pull the plug on those aswell.

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