Motivation: Zero

It’s kind of funny how you can forget about things that you used to make time for.  Blogging has been the main victim of my laziness lately, with me not feeling the need to write at all. I’ve been lazy and boring and didn’t feel like telling about my adventures in online games anymore. I guess I feel like one of the many gaming blogs out there, that struggle to get a blog post going because whatever can I write to stay original?
Most of the things are said and done by the time I get around to writing and post 9000 about Blizzcon and someone’s thoughts about the event and games there isn’t very attractive reader material. I had planned to write about the US elections, it’s result and the impact it had on me and my life, but honestly? Living here in Europe I’m so far removed from what is happening over there that I can only sympathize with the people who have been devastated by the results… And that’s it. Ofcourse I am shocked like the rest of the world at this. But I refuse to join the “white oppresive males have won the elections” crap that is being thrown around the internet. Trumps’ victory has been one that has been coming for a long time. A combination of poor midwestern US, Hillary being vastly impopular in her own country, people not showing to vote at all (45% did not participate!) and many other factors contributed to Trump winning presidency, and the Republicans winning the elections overall. Do I sympathize with Trump? No. I think he’s a sexist, racist, mysogynistic bigot. But people have made a statement against the ruling parties and I think the US as a nation has a lot of ear scratching to do to see where exactly this went wrong for them.

If I have to go on a bit of a rant about this I think humanity as a whole has a lot of ear scratching to do. We are a world divided by culture, religion and government. Censorship has become so normal in everyday life that we don’t even think about it anymore. We may not censor our news the way some countries do, but we are censoring society, sheltering everyone and creating a world where people need “safe spaces” and get offended by everything. Instead of keeping a dialogue going we take away freedom of speech and label people whatever we want to justify our own perspective at the world. The world is not a matter of white versus black, man versus woman, gay versus straight. Treating someone like shit because of their worldviews has become normal and a nation throwing a tantrum because people didn’t get their way was impossible to think of 20 years ago.
I refuse to take a side in a world like this. I can’t be outraged at the US elections because it’s what they apparently wanted. I can’t get mad at the Brexit because it was a majority vote. And even though people are fighting very hard to show that they don’t agree with this, at some point you will have to accept your losses and move on. Don’t look at what divides us, but look at what makes us the same. I can’t imagine people want to willingly see society burn, just because of different political, social, cultural and religious views. If we could just learn to accept eachother the way we are, and yes this includes people whose worldviews are different than yours, and keep the dialogue going I’m sure society would be a much better place.

Learn to agree to disagree, accept that even though we are of equal value we are not the same and build a better world for the future. Because right now I shudder at the thought of how the world may look 20 years from now.

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