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I’ve learned this weekend that if I start writing a post I should probably just finish and publish it because otherwise I end up with half finished drafts that just sit there staring at me. So one of the things I want to differently is just finish a post the moment I start writing it and publish it, even if it seems short or boring.

My Dark Knight dinged level 70 last Sunday. I finished up all the job quests and quickly switched to Samurai to get my first few roulettes in there. After leveling Dark Knight I can honestly say that no tank will top Paladin for me. Dark Knight is by far the squishiest of the three tanks and even if it’s easy to pick up adds with their AoE abilities I seriously dislike the whole Dark Arts mechanic and how it’s your most important skill. All in all I’m happy I leveled Dark Knight, and got to see it’s story, but it’s probably a class I won’t touch much when it comes to actual play. I’ll get it to level cap in the next expansion but that’s basically it.

Samurai so far doesn’t make that much sense to me. Monk, Dragoon and Ninja all have rotations where you basically clip dots/buffs/debuffs but with Samurai things seem to be all over the place. I’m only level 55 so far though so I hope that as I level up the rotation and skills start making more sense. I expect to get to level 60 this weekend and then be level 70 before the month is over.

As far as Blue Mage goes… I’ve not really looked at it yet. I have limited playtime during the week so I’d rather focus on leveling up my Samurai first, as that was the plan, before I pick up Blue Mage. I heard here and there that leveling relies a lot on FATEs or making premade groups for Dungeon Finder. I guess I should take my chocobo out of it’s stable and level it up as I’m tackling overworld content.

I’m quite content with the progress I’ve been making in FFXIV so far. This week I’m going to start doing Ixali dailies aswell to get Alchemist, Leatherworker and Blacksmith up to level 30 before I level everything but Weaver (which is already 70) up to 50 in one big leveling spree. I can’t wait to free up my bags from all the gear that’s been occupying it for the past few years. I’m thrilled enough to finally be able to get rid of the various stage of battle job gear but to finally get rid of all the low level crafting gear would be even more ideal. Although when it comes to battle job gear I guess I have to go through all the various stages of casting gear again for Blue Mage… But that’s something I can deal with.
I also hope to be making some strides in the new content that patch 4.5 brought. Unfortunately I’m not high enough item level to be doing all the new content so I guess I need to start doing roulettes and other endeavours to get my White Mage to the appropriate item level again. Because I’m still smack dab in the middle of leveling Samurai though I can’t see this happening in the next week or so. I need to trade in the time that I use now to run leveling roulettes to start gearing up again. I may make some babysteps in the weekend when I have a bit more time though because I can only stay spoiler-free for so long.

4 thoughts on “A quick FFXIV update

  1. As I’ve read this gear thing with leveling up jobs more than once, can you give a quick explanation how gear in FFXIV works, say, for someone who could relate via WoW?
    Do you have “caster gear” and “melee gear” for several jobs, but it’s good enough to keep for leveling other jobs? Is it labelled like “good from 40-45” or is it just not good enough anymore at 50, in my example? šŸ™‚ But good enough for keeping it in the first place? I’m so confused (and I really should try FFXIV…).

    • You’ve actually already explained it yourself!
      Certain jobs share gear. For instance all Tanks share a gearset, all Healers, all Casters etc.
      While leveling up you can use the gear for multiple jobs so it’s easy to keep it until you’ve leveled up all your jobs that share that gear. As for the labeling, it’s like WoW. It has a minimum level for which you can wear it and gets replaced by higher itemlevel gear with better stats as you level up.

      When you have leveled up all your jobs this means instead of having 15 gearsets (one per job) you have about 7 or 8. The only exception to this is job specific gear but that’s rare.

      This same system goes for crafting and gathering jobs. They share gear aswell šŸ™‚

      • Ah, thanks for the clarification.
        I was just a bit puzzled why everyone seems to be keeping it. In other MMOs (even if ignore Bind on Pickup, which wouldn’t apply anyway with just one char) you just find so much gear from quests that I was wondering if it were some especially awesome sets (like Heirloom gear) or if anyone was just keeping for example “a moderately good caster set for Level 35-40” and then throwing it out at 4x. šŸ™‚

        • The biggest thing with having gear filling your bags is that let’s say you love black mage, but don’t like summoner…. so you level up your black mage and get gear for it as you do, replacing it as you level up… but you don’t want to get it again for whenever you eventually level up summoner, so you hold it in you bags…. and now they’re clogged with 7 sets of caster gear (basically every 5-6 levels you replace a full set) in spite of only having 2 caster jobs….

          I’ve gotten to the point where I tend to level all jobs that share gear simultaneously anymore so that I don’t have all that gear glut hanging around.

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