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Yay! I’ve survived the hellish temperatures of Europe this week. Luckily living in the Netherlands it’s not as extremely warm here as it is in say France and Spain but still. 30+ degrees (Celsius mind) weather is not fun in our climate. I was happy to be at the office for most of that time where the airconditioning runs steady.

As you all may have noticed Shadowbringers early access has started last Friday. I went home from work a bit earlier so I could get into the game and have been playing a lot of it over the weekend. I’m sitting at level 74 right now and am making my way to the third dungeon.
So far I’m really enjoying myself. White Mage hasn’t changed that much from what it was before except for the fact that lilies are finally useful now and that I’ve lost a few spells along the way. The zones of Norvrandt are absolutely gorgeous with my favourite one thus far being Il Mheg, the faerie zone. That’s also the zone where you fight the first Primal of the expansion and boy that fight was fun! I can’t wait to challenge it on Extreme and hopefully get my hands on a mount because the music is superb, as usual.
I’ve been sticking to doing only main story quests and the sidequests that give Aether Currents or gear pieces. I’m leaving all the rest for the alts that I will inevitably level through the content. I’ve picked up Dancer today but haven’t really played the class yet. I’m also going to pick up Gunblade somewhere this week but I’m holding off on leveling either job untill my White Mage is level 80. I need the roulettes on her sometimes to catch up to the level of the mainstory.
The role questchain has been odd so far. It has a ton of humour in it but it doesn’t really feel like I’m actively doing something as Healer. I’ve only done three of those quests so far though so maybe there will be more interesting stuff coming up. For now I find them to be a bit dissapointing.
The new crafter/gatherer hand-in system is a bit odd. I don’t think you’re supposed to craft collectables but just craft regular items (or gather). Unfortunately for the level 70 hand-ins you’re reliant on some Stormblood crafting supplies so I will tackle that after I’m done with all the battle content I think.

I have been taking some screenshots on my PS4 as I play through the various zones and I will probably post a few once I write the post that will cover me dinging 80 and what I think of the expansion so far. For now though I’m neck deep in Eorzea and I don’t see myself surfacing to play something else anytime soon.

3 thoughts on “Shadowbringers is here

  1. Where I live, 32 is a completely normal to maybe even a bit cooler than normal day. There’s a reason American have air conditioning everywhere…..

    I’ve picked FFXIV back up for the expansion. I unlocked GNB and DNC both. Got GNB to 70 today, so now I’m going to go back and work on DNC to get it to 70. And once that’s done I’ll actually do the 4.3 trial and then continue the MSQ until I can actually get in to the SHB content…..

    • For me it’s all about humidity, not heat. In dry heat I bask in temperatures in the low to mid thirties. No need for air conditining for that. If the humidity rises, though, even the mid-20s is too much.

      On Sunday it hit 30 here and it was muggy and sweltering – horrible. I was very glad it dropped ten degrees overnight. If that had been dry heat I’d have been happy for it to last the entire summer.

      • Yup. Dry heat is fine. 30+ degrees with a humidity around 70% is just undoable. Unfortunately that’s the Dutch climate for ya.
        It also doesn’t help that all our houses are built to keep the heat in instead of out so once your house warms up it stays warm for a very long time..

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