League of Legends: The Climb

So, I haven’t played much LoL over the past few weeks, like I didn’t play any other games a lot, the heat in my room is unbearable and so I postpone my gaming sessions untill the evenings.

Today I decided to try my hand at some ranked games again, I’m currently in Bronze I (yes yes, I’m a scrub I know) and wanting to make my way up in the world. My aim for now is Gold V before the season ends because I know that when you’re Gold you’ll get an awesome champion skin like the Jarvan IV skin in Season 1 and the Janna skin in Season 2.

The biggest wall I’m facing at the moment is that I’ve mostly leveled up as a Support and never really got to practice mid/top/ADC champions because my “friends” were always putting me either in the Support or Jungle role and I’m quite sick of playing that. First off I decided I would just get some AD Carry’s because I do like the duolane (I feel safer with someone else in lane next to me) and I got off to quite a good start on Caitlyn, but only being able to play one champion isn’t going to cut it, plus the competition for certain spots is quite fierce and I want to be able to carry a game if I want to make it all the way up to the Gold division so for now I just made a new account, buying the champions with IP that I want to be playing on my main account and practising them from low level up and maybe that will help me getting better at the game in general since in ranked queue things will quickly escalate and turn into flamefests when one of the players is underperforming (especially in the lower Divisions like Bronze and Silver) and I do want to get out of there as fast as I possibly can.

I’ll be updating my progress every now and then with a little League of Legends posts, what champions I’ve been playing on and what have gotten me wins in rankeds and I hope I can be able to help out others who are struggling with the same ladder climb as I am.

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