Month: November 2013

Lightning Returns!

Right now we’re in the middle of the Lightning Strikes event on FFXIV. I believe all the stages are unlocked now and people are able to get the entire outfit and weapons from the event. If you’re curious as to what the event is, here is a link:

The entire event is based around doing FATE’s, which can be awesome (if you like doing them) or totally horrible (if you hate doing them). I myself am somewhere in the middle. See, there are some specific FATE’s that you need to do and even when those spawn you only have a 50% chance of Lightning actually being there so you can get the special items you need. This comes down to a lot of waiting for FATE’s to spawn and hoping that you can join a group because having to earn Gold ranking by yourself with a lot of people waiting around for the same is almost impossible.
There’s a few things you can get from this event. An entire gear set by completing the various quests that are offered and next to that weapons which you can buy with items dropped when completing the special FATE’s with a gold rating. I have to say that the weapons look awesome and I want to get them all so I can use them in my vanity slots and make my character look that tiny bit more awesome. I also like the gearset quite a lot, it’s sexy yet tough so I will probably spend some time on this event yet to get all of the stuff (I only did the first two quests so far). 
The entire event is a promotion for the release of FFXIII: Lightning Returns! A game that is set to release on the PS3 tomorrow and focuses on Lightning, one of the protagonists in FFXIII. I’m kind of bummed out that I won’t be able to play this game, as I have no PS3, but I hope they will re-release it somehow so that it’s playable on the PS4 when I get it somewhere next year. I think it’s nice they’ve coupled the release of this game to an event in the FFXIV world and I hope they’ll do it again when FFXV releases. I just hope they won’t use the same concept of having to stand around and wait for FATE’s because honestly, that kind of sucks.
This is my opinion so far on the event itself, I will do a picture post later on when I have obtained all the items to show you guys how awesome all the stuff looks.

Reroll Project Extraordinaire!

I’ve been thinking a lot about wanting a fresh start on World of Warcraft for Warlords of Draenor. I want to raid again but I feel like I can’t really leave Aeternus without hard feelings so I decided to take part in a reroll project that currently is taking place on the Stormrage EU server. A lot of people were enthusiastic about the idea and we already have about 40 members in the guild. The project took of on Thursday evening at 19.30 server time and from then untill I logged off today I managed to get my baby Hunter up to lvl 30 without any help from RAF or looms.

As I just said I decided to roll a Hunter. I already said before that I love the class and it comes naturally to me so it was kind of the only option to go with in my opinion. Her name is Sarella since Sandrian was already taken (curse you random Stormrage player that took my name!) and she’s a little Draenei. I really didn’t want to roll another Night Elf, since I already have Aylanna who I still play aswell, and I feel that Worgen don’t look so good in a lot of gear, same goes for Pandaren. Since Draenei have the +1% hit passive it was actually only a toss up between that or the +1% crit from Worgen. And for me aesthetics win out then and I went with Draenei. As far as professions go I went the same route I did on all my Hunters: Skinning and Leatherworking. Might not be ideal for raiding, but the critical strike buff that Skinning provides is very nice as Hunter and when you start over on a new server it’s kind of annoying if you have to pick up two crafting professions from the start.
So far I’m loving the atmosphere in my “new” guild. Everyone is friendly, we have a Mumble server up and running, a guild website and an IRC. The only thing that I’m pretty sad about is that a lot of people have opted to run with Recruit-A-Friend, giving them a huge headstart over people who do not want (or have) to spend money on a new account solely for the levelling boost. I did this in Wrath of the Lich King to level a Druid and lightning speed, and a Shaman, but I really do not want to spend money that I barely have on something that is hardly necessary. Then there were the people who transferred over their main characters so they could level up with heirlooms, and they are quite a lot ahead of the rest aswell.
I decided that I’m mostly fine with levelling up the “oldschool” way. I can more or less level up my professions simultaneously and I don’t feel rushed or burned out. I’m actually managing to keep my Leatherworking more or less up with my level (I think I’m currenlty about 5 levels behind with what I can craft and the level I am) and Skinning isn’t an issue at all.
I’m really curious to see how this little project will develop. I wonder who will stick around to raid and who will leave, so far there has been a plummet in numbers a bit already with 30-35 people online on Thursday night when we started off to about 20 people online now. I hope we can stay stable and keep the guild together long enough for Warlords of Draenor to hit the live servers so we can level up together and raid. Untill then I still have a long way to go to lvl 90 (60 levels to be exact) and it’s keeping me quite busy. I really had to decide to not level for more than X hours otherwise I would probably go insane.
I’ll keep you updated how things go with little Sarella but my next post will probably be about the Lightning event on FFXIV!

I Got Thyrus!

I finally got my first relic weapon on Final Fantasy! It’s Thyrus, the White Mage relic. I worked hard for it, finally managed to down Titan HM after two weeks of wiping with random groups and now I have my pretty staff on Sarella! Mission accomplished. Now to just find some way to get into Bahamut’s Coil…

I’m definately happy with the way it looks, next week I’ll have my Cleric’s Robe aswell so Sarella will look even more awesome as a Healer. I’ll also be getting my last two Darklight pieces then and then I should be all set for Bahamut’s Coil! In the meantime I’m levelling up Archer/Bard and I think I want that as second class, but not sure yet.

Monday Blues and Schedule Troubles

I don’t function well on Mondays. The day after the weekend I have huuuuge issues with getting back into the rythm of work, even if I only work 3 days a week, and on monday evening I’m just a huge wreck that doesn’t want to do anything but lay in bed and sleep. Maybe it’s because I sleep less on the weekends or just because I go to bed too late on Sunday but it’s the same thing every week. I’m exhausted at work and when I get home I just fall into bed and sleep untill dinner. When I’m still tired I sleep after dinner aswell and then I can handle the rest of the evening just fine untill I go to bed around 12, where I almost immediatly fall asleep again.

All this sleeping has caused some serious issues with my schedule, aka shit isn’t getting done, and I’m not really sure how to handle this. I’m currently playing 2 MMO’s, one more hardcore (FFXIV) than the other (WoW) but I don’t want to quit either one. I love playing Sarella on FFXIV and exploring the game more and more, finally levelling my gather professions and other classes and playing with friends. I also love playing Aylanna on WoW, she just feels so natural to play and WoW is a game that has got me hooked since I started in 2007 although I don’t play it that hardcore anymore.
With me playing two different MMO’s I’ve also noticed that I can’t really “alt” properly. Since I want to get capped on Myth Tomes on Sarella every week (which requires me to do 10 WP runs) but also want to do a complete LFR run on Aylanna while still maintaining my daily CD and Shaohao daily for rep it leaves me with very little time to do other stuff on the games. Sometimes I’m ok with this, sometimes it really frustrates me. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to jumping from character to character that it feels weird to stick to just 1 (or in my case 1 per game), or maybe I just need to accept the fact that I can’t do everything at once if I want to enjoy things.

Next to my MMO “struggles” I’ve also decided to pick up Assassin’s Creed III again, in preparation of IV coming out in a few weeks for the PC. I’ve even bought a controller since that plays a lot nicer than keyboard + mouse for games like that. And then there is Pokémon X aswell…

Maybe I’m just suffering from a classic case of: too many games to enjoy and too little time to enjoy them in. Especially since I’ve been working I’m just noticing I need to make tougher decisions when it comes to dividing my time between all the things that I like and have to do, and let’s just say that scheduling/planning/making decisions about my time isn’t one of my strong points. Ugh, I really do need to work on this 🙁

So yeah, with all these schedule conflicts and uncertainty about what to play I’m also not really updating my blog here regularly. A part of me also wants a new background that shows my hunter with the blue alliance symbol behind her and on the other side Sarella as white mage with the Twin Serpent symbol behind her. Not sure how I’m going to get that, but I’ll get it somehow!

For now I’m back to managing things on WoW and FFXIV and will blog about stuff again when I find some time to squeeze a writing session in.