The honeymoon is over

After Blizzard confirming that Hellfire Citadel would be the last raid of the Warlords of Draenor expansion I have been thinking about my WoW time and how I see the future.
I have always loved WoW as game, it has been my escape from reality, I have grinded many many hours to obtain rare items, defeat raid bosses and just  play and enjoy the game in general. Lately however I’ve not enjoyed the grind anymore.
For the past 3-4 weeks I’ve only logged in to raid. Even with patch 6.2 hitting it hasn’t increased my time spent on WoW. The polar opposite actually. With the nerfs to gold missions for followers and the addition of yet another table I felt like even my garrison (and shipyard) weren’t worth my time anymore.
The prospect of having to do dailies again to unlock things hasn’t appealed to me either, I’ve only done them with a friend, and in general I haven’t “enjoyed” any of the new content that 6.2 has has to offer.

So after 8 years of playing I’m seriously thinking about quitting the game. I’ll never say “forever” because I might get the itch again to play every now and then, but right now I don’t feel like it anymore at all. I might resub after my vacation to Sweden solely to defeat the last boss in Hellfire Citadel, complete my legendary and thus this expansion. But that’s mostly it. I’m not sure what Blizzard will think up as next expansion, but I don’t think I will be there to see it. For me the game has gone down in quality and content over the past years, with Warlords of Draenor being a huge disappointment expansion wise (after already not really enjoying Mists of Pandaria). I think it’s an appropriate time to start saying goodbye and focus on other things.

Thanks for all the fun times WoW, but for me this chapter has, most likely, come to an end.

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