Goals for August

I didn’t do a goals post for July mostly because I had to work so much that gaming, or anything else for that matter, kind of got set on the backburner. Now that we have arrived in August I actually have a bit more time to play again and I dare to set a few goals again aswell.

So what do I hope to achieve in August?!

  • Upgrade my Kannagi in FFXIV. It will only take three more weekly Crystal Tower runs. I should be able to do that, right?
  • Obtain a few more Yo-Kai weapons. Doesn’t matter on which character. I just want more!
  • Level my Warrior on Sarella to 50. I’m very close and those last 5 levels should be doable, especially since I’m also running PotD on her.
  • Get atleast one PotD weapon on Sandrian. I’m doubting between Dragoon or Bard.
  • Finish off Story Mode in Kirby Planet Robobot. This also means getting all the data cubes so I will have unlocked all the extra levels in all the areas! I technically have 2 areas and two levels left for this.
  • Get rank 20 in Hearthstone. A recurring one I know. But one of the goals I set for this year was getting all the card backs.
  • Play some No Man’s Sky when it launches and write about it.
  • Legion events in WoW!

So yeah. Not that many goals, mostly becuase I’m still going to be really busy with work. Regardless of that I did torture myself for this month by signing up for Blaugust again this year. Well torture… I feel like I’ve not been posting nearly enough so I want to use Blaugust to get back into the rythm of posting regularly. So there. I’ll try to turn out a post every single day. I really hope I can do it this time, maybe even more so since it’s a “chillax” Blaugust.



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