This weekend I’ve not played anything. Not a single game. And I loved it.
Instead I got to see a friend who I hadn’t seen in well over a year and I got to be Aunty Sandy again to my adorable godchildren. It makes me super happy to do this kind of stuff so I had an amazingly positive weekend. Unfortunately it doesn’t really give me much interesting stuff to blog about so I apologize for not putting anything online over the entire weekend. I will resume blogging as normal again tomorrow, and hope that I’ll be able to do all three Crystal Tower raids tomorrow evening aswell. Since you know, I normally do that over the weekend

So yeah just a tiny post about why I didn’t blog yesterday and I’m not really blogging today. Being gone for two full days. I feel reinvigorated though and ready to take on the world this week.
What a little socializing can’t do huh?

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