Kannagi Upgraded!

After 5 weeks of running Crystal Tower my pair of Kannagi has finally gotten to their Hyperconductive state!
Go me!

I’m super happy with the glow on these weapons. I finally feel like I’m wielding something badass again. The upgrade to the weapon also boosted my overall ilevel to 228. It also means that I have a relatively “easy” step for the relic out of the way. Really, just farming the Crystal tower for five weeks straight wasn’t too bad and I already knew this was mostly a “catch up” step to get the relic up to date with the other weapons that were available in the game. Now another big grind begins with having to obtain 80 Umbrites and 80 Crystal Sands, give or take. Ofcourse if I just start doing roulettes again and just focus on more general gameplay I’m sure this won’t take as long as I think it would (I say this now, but the whopping 24k tomestones of Esoterics needed for this upgrade is a really steep requirement). If I manage to finish off this stage of the relic before the next major patch hits I’ll be on track and on the “current” step for the relic for the first time since… 2014? I think the last time was when I was still raiding Coil and had to upgrade my Bard relic because we were not killing turn 9 yet. Oh well.

My little anima friend appears to be getting stronger aswell. I can’t even remember if I picked it to be male or female for my Ninja relic. I guess I’ll find out later? Although I don’t think the story for this relic is as strong and/or interesting as the 2.0 relic, or as elaborate and diverse, I’m still having a blast upgrading it. It gives me an overarching goal in the game next to grinding lore and unlocking content in general. I like working towards something and the relic weapon fulfills that need right now. I’m sure that once Legion hits in two weeks, and I get an Artifact weapon, I’ll probably be online less on FFXIV and thus will devote less time to my relic aswell.

For now though I’m super happy with my glowy daggers and I can focus a bit more on doing some other things, like level my Astrologist to 60, get a Palace of the Dead weapon and run some Weeping City/Void Ark so I can upgrade my Lore gear.

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