Kannagi Upgraded!

After 5 weeks of running Crystal Tower my pair of Kannagi has finally gotten to their Hyperconductive state!
Go me!

I’m super happy with the glow on these weapons. I finally feel like I’m wielding something badass again. The upgrade to the weapon also boosted my overall ilevel to 228. It also means that I have a relatively “easy” step for the relic out of the way. Really, just farming the Crystal tower for five weeks straight wasn’t too bad and I already knew this was mostly a “catch up” step to get the relic up to date with the other weapons that were available in the game. Now another big grind begins with having to obtain 80 Umbrites and 80 Crystal Sands, give or take. Ofcourse if I just start doing roulettes again and just focus on more general gameplay I’m sure this won’t take as long as I think it would (I say this now, but the whopping 24k tomestones of Esoterics needed for this upgrade is a really steep requirement). If I manage to finish off this stage of the relic before the next major patch hits I’ll be on track and on the “current” step for the relic for the first time since… 2014? I think the last time was when I was still raiding Coil and had to upgrade my Bard relic because we were not killing turn 9 yet. Oh well.

My little anima friend appears to be getting stronger aswell. I can’t even remember if I picked it to be male or female for my Ninja relic. I guess I’ll find out later? Although I don’t think the story for this relic is as strong and/or interesting as the 2.0 relic, or as elaborate and diverse, I’m still having a blast upgrading it. It gives me an overarching goal in the game next to grinding lore and unlocking content in general. I like working towards something and the relic weapon fulfills that need right now. I’m sure that once Legion hits in two weeks, and I get an Artifact weapon, I’ll probably be online less on FFXIV and thus will devote less time to my relic aswell.

For now though I’m super happy with my glowy daggers and I can focus a bit more on doing some other things, like level my Astrologist to 60, get a Palace of the Dead weapon and run some Weeping City/Void Ark so I can upgrade my Lore gear.

Relic Upgraded!

Last Thursday I finally got the item I needed to turn my Yukimitsu Awoken into Kannagi.
Before I get the comments. Yes I am slow. I have a love/hate relationship with relics. Have had it since the 2.0 relic and it continues untill today. I remember getting my Dragoon relic for 3.0 when it just released fairly fast. I didn’t mind the FATE grind and also got the dungeon part out of the way pretty easy. I started out on the next step of the quest but then switched main to Ninja. Where I had to grind out the first stages of the relic again and somewhere at that time I just lost interest. The last two months or so I’ve been slowly making my way to upgrading anyway though, mostly through Beast Tribe dailies.

Although I’m not really impressed with how it looks (I lost my glow!) I do think the design of the daggers is quite brutal. Gone is the smooth design, hello hooks that will tear your guts out the moment these daggers plunge themselves into your belly. Honestly I think I should get a damage bonus based on how this weapon does it’s job alone. I mean. Instead of just clean cutting into someone I actually do way way more damage. I do like the screenshot I took when obtaining the weapons though. I managed to get it at just the right time!
Let’s talk some stats aswell.

As you can see when you click on the picture the weapon itself is ilvl 210, which isn’t bad but still the biggest factor that holds back my DPS. Weapon damage is the biggest DPS boost for all classes and for Melee classes this is even more true. Furthermore it comes with a bunch of Dexterity and Vitality, Determination and… Skill Speed. Bummer. Skill Speed isn’t that important to Ninja’s, not since they fixed Mudra lag anymore. I rather would have had Crit instead of SS there, but apparently you can adjust your relic later on so I might just look into that. As for the weapon itself. It’s Dyeable, which I haven’t tried yet, and it was a decent upgrade from the previous version weapon damage wise.

I’ve already taken up the next step in the big relic grind, which basically comes down to running the old Crystal Tower raids 5 weeks. Right now I only need to do Labyrinth of the Ancients for the week and then I’m done for this reset. Compared to the massive grind to get Kannagi I think it’s nice that Square gave us a little breathing space on the next part of the quest. I do understand that this part is more of a “catch up” part since there were ilvl 230 weapons available in the game and the relic needs to be atleast on par. With this information though I should be able to upgrade my Kannagi to Hyperconductive Kannagi somewhere in August. I’m looking forward to it!


Daily Routines

I’ve come to the point of my relic that is basically a massive grindfest. You need to get 80 items that you can get into a myriad amount of ways plus another 16 crafted items that will probably cost me a fortune.
One of the fastest ways to get those 80 items is to do beast tribe dailies… Every day. So for the past few days I’ve religiously logged on and did dailies for the Vanu Vanu, Sylph, Kobolds and Sahagin. In a way it’s nice to see all these “familiar” faces again, but at the same time I’m quite bored having to do all these dailies every single day. It’s 12 dailies and they take me about an hour to do… Travel times and killing stuff and not being able to fly in the old zones slows things down massively, but atleast it’s nice for getting experience on my Bard, who dinged level 55 today.

Another thing that I have picked up is my collection habit. I realize I’m still missing a lot of mounts and minions and I’m trying to figure out how and where to collect the ones I still need. A few are relatively easy to get and involve me doing a FATE in the South Shroud and make an effort to complete all my sightseeing logs. I also still have two pets left from one of the Grand Companies so I might switch over to that after I get bored with being an Immortal Flame.
I’ve also set my eye on all of the Gold Saucer pets and mounts I’m still missing. I’ve decided to do atleast the Mini Cactpot once every day to rack up the MGP I need. I’m currently sitting on about 4.5k MGP so I still have quite a way to go.

Other than my FFXIV adventures I got very little done in my other games this week. I was planning to do the Cataclysm Timewalking event but real life stuff happened and I spent a lot less time behind my computer than I thought I would. I’m happy I’m making some progress on my relic though. I have 16/80 items so I’m almost a quarter of the way done. I hope I can put in a bit more time this week and not only run my beast tribe dailies, but also some roulettes to be able to buy the items with tomestones to speed things up.

As for now I’m looking at a four day work week which I hope won’t make me too tired to game, because I really need to escape from reality for a while.


The Zodiac Journey Ends

Yesterday morning I was finally able to complete the last few Mahatma’s I needed for my Zodiac Zeta Dragoon Weapon. Granted they have nerfed the quest of this weapon by quite a bit. But I’m still superhappy about the end result!

My lovely lady with her Zeta!

All in all it has been a great journey and I hope the new Relic Weapon will be just as awesome.