Gaming Goals: April 2019

March has come and gone and April has started a week ago. So of course it’s time for another gaming goals post!
April is actually going to be a rather weird month for me since it’s the month of me finally moving out on my own. This means that a lot of my time will be spent on the moving from one house to the other, whilst also still having to go to work. I expect to get less game time in this month than I normally would and this is also the final bit of time I will be spending on WoW for the time being.

Before I kick off April though let’s look back at the goals I set for myself in March and how I’ve done in that department.

  • WoW: Level my Nightborne to 120 (currently 114) and catch up to current content
  • WoW: Level my Void Elf to 110 (currently 47) and unlock Heritage Armour
  • WoW: Attempt to get the Onyxia mount, the only mount I’m missing for my achievement.
  • FFXIV: Complete Little Ladies Day on both my characters
  • FFXIV: Level Alchemist and Leatherworker to level 30 and complete their job quests
  • FFXIV: Level Carpenter to 50 and complete all job quests
  • FFXIV: Gear up WHM and catch up to current content
  • PS4/Switch/3DS: Complete a game of choice
  • Steam: Play atleast one game from my library

First off WoW. I managed to get my Mage to 120 and am currently sitting on ilvl 350+. I’ve finished off the War Campaigns on both Alliance and Horde side and apart from a few missed quests here and there I can confidently say that my Mage is up to speed. Of course I’m not done with gearing up yet but I’m on the brink of being able to do the latest raid in LFR mode and honestly that’s all I’m after. Unfortunately I didn’t get as much time in on my Hunter as I would’ve liked. I started up at level 47 and ended it on 65 this month. I really want to push her to 110 though so I will spend a bit less time on the Mage and a bit more time on the Hunter the coming few weeks. As for the Onyxia goal, I literally got bored after two days of grinding for the mount on 5 different characters and then let it fall to the wayside. I may pick it back up at some point but not now.

In FFXIV I’ve made a ton of progress. Carpenter is 50. I finished off the MSQ for this expansion on my White Mage. I leveled all my crafters to level 30+ and I even got in a few levels on my Fisher. I also did Little Ladies day so all in all a succesful month there.
Other than that I’ve not really played much outside of my MMO’s. This will probably change with my move since I won’t have access to my PC but I will have access to my consoles. Maybe I can finally work on some of my backlog then!

Now as I mentioned before I predict I won’t have too much time to game in April. Yet I do want to set a few goals for myself that should be obtainable in WoW and FFXIV. So here’s the list of gaming goals for April!

  • WoW: Level my Void Elf to 110 (currently 65) and unlock Heritage Armour
  • FFXIV: Level Carpenter to 70 and Goldsmith to 50
  • FFXIV: Finish off the Hildibrand questline and the Beast Tribes questlines.
  • PS4/Switch/3DS: Complete a game of choice

So yeah. That’s the only concrete goals I want to work towards. I’m keeping it light but I do want some progress to happen. I’m guessing I’ll be spending more time in FFXIV than in WoW but all in all this should be doable.

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