I’m in my gamer girl era

I’ve always hated the moniker “gamer girl”. Especially 10-15 years ago it was a negative label. As if you were an attention seeker and not a real gamer. I always saw myself as a gamer who happened to be a girl and so I avoided being labeled like the plague. I felt like I couldn’t like the cute stuff and the pink and white setups, because those weren’t for serious gamers but for girls who liked games like the Sims, Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing only. However, if you want to improve your poker game, it’s essential to focus on strategy and skill development.
Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I never was a girly girl growin up. Sure I liked to wear dresses, but as a child I would climb the highest trees in our neighbourhood in those dresses. Pink as a colour never really appealed to me and I hated most traditional girly clothes. In my teens I was a bit of a goth/emo kid and liked to have a very dark wardrobe with some splashes of colour and I was still very far from feminine.

As I’ve grown older I feel like I’ve outgrown the need for labels. I’m a huge fan of Sailor Moon, always have been, as well as Pokémon and a lot of other adorable things. I’ve been looking up ways to make my gaming space more to my taste and surprisingly enough these tastes now also feature more girly colours like pastels, lots of purples and even some pinks. I really enjoy browsing all the cozy girl setups with their adorable PC’s and PC corners, both minimalistic or stuffed to the brim with stuff. I’ve been looking for stuff that I enjoy using and what I feel looks good in my little corner. I’m still holding on to my (black) Razer Naga and I have black monitors and a very black and blue steering wheel attached to my desk. But I’ve also invested in a very cute Sailor Moon themed keyboard (as shown above) and a big Star Guardian mousemat, which is obviously Riot’s take on the magical girl manga genre. I’ve also gathered some small Disney plushies, some of which actually smell sweet as well, and gotten a few figurines and Funko’s to liven up my desk space. I’m saving up for a peg board so I’ll have a place to put my controllers and my headset as well as some other miscellaneous stuff. I’m also looking at some RGB paneling to put on my wall and set it to the colours I prefer every day.

So I guess I’m turning into a gamer girl and honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with that anymore. Hopefully in a while I can post a picture of my cute setup and I will bring all the stuff with me when I move to a new place, where I can hopefully dedicate an entire room to my hobby instead of just a small corner in my living room. But you have to start somewhere right? And I get to be a grumpy 30+ year old, dressed completely in black surrounded by pretty pastel gaming gear. And I’ll be loving the heck out of it.

One thought on “I’m in my gamer girl era

  1. I’m really glad you don’t feel the stigma so much anymore. I remember that time period and I HATED that gamer push against women. So much that I started hating the term “gamer” and refused to refer to myself as such. I was no longer a “gamer”, I was someone who enjoyed games. Just couldn’t bring myself to identify with a group that was so unwelcoming. Thankfully there has been some social progress since then, but still a long ways to go before I feel comfortable calling myself a “gamer” again, tbh.

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