The blog is dead: long live the blog!

I’ve thought about sunsetting this thing. I’ve not been keeping up with it regularly for ages and let’s face it, blogging as medium is dead. Especially when you compare it to the likes of TikTok, Instagram and countless other social media outlets where content spreads to everyone in sub 30 second chunks which are easy to digest. I find myself scrolling Instagram Reels for hours on end if I let myself and even though I’ve not installed the clock app, I know it’s what everyone is using these days.
So why still write something here? Because personally, I’m kind of tired of all the information thrown at me at breakneck pace through social media. It’s just brain stimulation for hours and what do you actually get from it? A wasted day. There is a reason why I still enjoy coming back to certain parts of Reddit, even if the medium itself is also a toxic cesspool. There’s a reason why I prefer reading the news instead of watching it. There’s a reason why I prefer following written game guides over Youtube videos. And it’s because at the end of the day, reading text is still my preferred medium of getting information. And if it’s that way for me, I’m sure it’s that way for a lot of other people as well.

So why not? Why not try to breathe some life back into this shell of a blog and see if I can actually get myself to stick to a somewhat okay schedule when it comes to posting. Being more organised and able to stick to plans has been a mayor lifegoal for me for years, why not try to implement it here. Not that I want to write daily, I think that’s a bit of a tall order but I would like to be able to drop two posts per week. One on Wednesdays where I will talk about my love for games and other nerdy things and what I’ve been up to all week in that regard and one on Sunday where I will talk about random topics that have kept me busy over the week. I’m planning to start dancing in 2024, 2-4 nights a week depending on how well I’m getting on, and I’m going to get back on track with my weightlifting as well. With a big trip to Japan coming up in the spring I feel like I want to be the fittest I’ve been so I can enjoy myself to the fullest. Maybe I’ll talk about a new meal I’ve learned to cook or a movie I’ve seen or a day or evening out I’ve had that was a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll talk about my stress at work and how it’s making me feel and use this medium to vent a little and write down my frustrations. I’ll find something to write about, I just have to sit down and do it.

For now though I’m wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, I hope you’re all having a good one!

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