Please Don’t Skip The Sidequests

A new Disney Dreamlight Valley update dropped last week and I’ve hopped right back on the train again. This update has brought both Simba and Nala to my Valley as well as new quests for Buzz, Remy and Minnie. Not to mention the kick off of the very first Easter event and all the new recipes, furniture and companions that come with it. We also have a new Starpath, which is their version of a season pass, and this time the theme is Disney Parks! I’ve just unlocked all the rewards of the first tier and am working on the second while cleaning up my Valley and working on the Easter stuff and leveling up Simba and Nala. All in all it’s giving me enough to do for the next few week(s) I think and I’m happy to fiddle about in my valley again. I’m also slowly reshaping it and making it more functional and prettier than it was before, but it’s secondary to just unlocking everything that I can unlock. I guess I’ll need to make a bit of a theme park corner though, considering I’m getting a bunch of rides from the Starpath and I do want to display them somewhere.

Next to my valley I’ve also been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIV again. I’ve gotten the White Mage Manderville Weapon, plus first upgrade and got another step done for my White Mage Anima weapon, leaving me on the last two steps to do there. I’ve also been working away on tieing up lose ends in the form of sidequests. Like any other MMO(RPG) FFXIV has a lot of them and I realised that I still had some lingering in my quest log, not to mention that I was still seeing exclamation marks on my map. This would not do so I got down to business and picked all of them up and played my way through them. Some opened up some new content for me, like making crafting/gathering deliveries to Ehll Tou in Ishgard and Ameliance Leveilleur in Sharlayan. I’ve also unlocked the Loporrit beast tribe, which is centered around crafting, and am using that to level up my crafting jobs. As I am doing that I’m also doing the Studium crafting questline for Weavers/Leatherworkers/Carpenters as Weaver and experiencing that story as well. When I was in the Firmament working on unlocking Ehll Tou I realised I had a few stray sidequests there to finish as well so I did, as well as finishing the really interesting Shadows of the Past sidequest line in Radz-at-Han. All of these have added lore bits and pieces that enrich the world we play in and provide extra story to enjoy. It’s why I can’t understand why there are people out there who are content to skip everything. I realise that not everyone plays MMO’s for the story and that doing all the sidequest content can be very tedious, but it brings so much more life to the world and fleshes out so many characters, areas and backstories. Especially in FFXIV that is more an RPG than an MMO and where they can lean on years of Square Enix storytelling experience.

In any case I’ve caught up for the most part, there’s still some quests in my questlog but they’re not easily tackled. Slow and steady wins the race though and I’m sure that eventually my log will empty out. And then it’s setting my sights on new goals to achieve for as long as the game will keep my attention. Hopefully that will be for the forseeable future because I’m truly happy to be back in Eorzea.