Game of the Week #1: New Super Mario Bros. U

In another attempt to get me to finally start finishing the ever growing library of games I have lying around I will be introducing my “game of the week”. This game is the game I will be playing next to the monthly goals I’ve set for myself for a week. Seeing as I feel I haven’t gotten much of out of my WiiU yet I’ve chosen to pick up a game from there first, and what franchise is better to start with than Super Mario? Not only do I have the original New Super Mario Bros. U, the Nintendo Select version also came with the New Super Luigi U DLC. For now I’m not going to focus on 100% completion (mostly meaning I won’t be chasing all the big golden coins in every level) but just play through the initial game. I can always come back and 100% complete it right? For now I just want to see how far I can manage to get in a week. Seeing as I will be heading to Lissabon on Saturday it’s technically not a full week but whatever.

In the next “Game of the Week” I will discuss how far I’ve gotten in this game and what my thoughts are about playing it, a mini review if you wish, before announcing another game I will be playing for a week. It could be that some games will be recurring because I can’t finish them in a week or, if I have, I want to aim for 100% completion. I hope you guys will enjoy this new “series” by me. For now I’m off, playing with Mario!