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Last Saturday the game that I’ve been waiting for for more than 6 months arrived: Pokémon X! I’m very psyched about this since I’m a huge fan of the Pokémon series as a whole and have one game of each generation, except Black/White 2 since I found those to be silly. It’s the first Pokémon game for the 3DS and I have to say so far that I’m enjoying it a lot.

I picked the Fire type starter: Fennekin. I really love the way it looks, so adorable, and I’ve always loved Fire type Pokémon. Seeing as the first Gym is apparently a Bug-type Gym picking the Fire starter is probably the smartest move I’ve done making that first Gym a piece of pie.
Next to this I’ve also received the special Torchic via WiFi. This Torchic has a special ability and holds an item so that it can Mega-Evolve in battle once I have trained it up to become a Blaziken.

I’ve only recently started the game, I’m still only just past Gym number one, but I already notice that the variety of Pokémon you can catch from the start is enormous. From the starter town to the first Gym I’ve already encountered about 12 different Pokémon to catch. Some are new and some are familiar faces but I want them all anyway. It also gives you more thought about how you want to form your team over the course of the game. For instance I have Fennekin as Fire type, Pikachu as Electric, Pansage for Grass and Azurill for Water. And that’s only those four. There’s 2 flying types to catch, 2 normal types, 3 bug types… And that’s all before the first gym!

I’m curious to see which Pokémon I’m able to get in this game and which ones I will really have to transfer off of my Black to get. For now I’m happily levelling up my Pokémon and catching more and more every day and I’ll keep you updated on how it goes!

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