I’m Back On Azeroth…

After being WoW-less for about a month and a half the itch finally got too much for me and I resubbed for a month. I’m not really sure why but I just felt the urge to play my Hunter again. Maybe being inspired by playing/seeing people play a Bard on FFXIV while I don’t intend to level that class up yet, or maybe because I just missed playing something that shoots pointy things on a high level to start with.

The character I’ve fled back to is Aylanna, my Hunter. I have two Hunters at max level, one Alliance and one on Horde side (Temarí). It’s been one of my favourite classes in WoW for a long time and I actually had a 3rd hunter going up to level 85 in Cataclysm, she was a Worgen, but due to me breaking up with my ex, she was on his server, I deleted her.

Coming back to play Aylanna has been a huge positive thing for me. Playing a Hunter is so natural to me that I can abandon it for months and then pick it up without any loss of skills or classknowledge whatsoever. Maybe I need to check what is the new most important stat but that’s it. I know how to play a Hunter and how to get the best possible DPS out of one so that I never feel like I’m behind much, even if my gear isn’t up to par compared to the people I play with.

For now I haven’t really done much more on her than fiddle around on the Timeless Isle and doing some LFR. I’ve been lucky though, on my first Celestial kill since coming back I obtained Tier gloves and in LFR I got a shiny trinket and a new necklace, replacing the last two pieces of green gear I had on her and cranking my average ilevel up to 509.

On the front of Final Fantasy I’ve been busy with my Relic Quest on Sarella. I’ve completed it up to Garuda HM so the only boss left is Titan and then I should get Thyrus, the Relic Weapon for White Mages. Since Titan is extremely difficult I don’t see me downing him anytime soon though which leaves me to farming dungeons for Tomestones to substitute my gear with the Darklight and Cleric set.
I’ve also been levelling some new classes and have unlocked the Warrior job in the process and am close to unlocking the Monk job, one I will probably level to max level next. I feel Monk is insanely fun to play and it would make a nice DPS class to farm things with when I don’t feel like healing.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep you updated on any news and maybe when I see the time I’ll write a review on some of the games I’ve played and why I think you should, or shouldn’t, buy them. Untill then!

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