A Noble Hour

Hi everyone and welcome to my weekly series of “A Noble Hour”.
What is this you might ask? Well I have decided to start a little project in the weekends on FFXIV. I’ve started up a new character and will only play her ONE hour on Saturday or Sunday, depending on what day is more convienent to me.
I’ve started this series to show how “fast” you can do things on FFXIV with only one hour of playtime. This is for the people that really can’t play that much and have to plan their playsessions. I’m sure that they have a bit more time than I am taking now but this is just a little experiment from my side to show how easy or difficult it is to manage a game like FFXIV on a limited time schedule.

So without further ado: let’s start with a little introduction.

Character name: Sandrian Noble
Server: Odin (EU)
Free Company: None (yet)
Race: Miqo’te
Staring class: Arcanist

What have I accomplished in 1 hour?
Starting level: 1
Level at logout: 6
Hunting log: Arcanist 01, 02 and 03
Gathering/Crafting: – (not available yet)
Activities: I’ve picked up all low level quests in Limsa Lominsa to kickstart my levelling process and finished all of them. I’ve also picked up the Main Story Quest but chose not to pursue that further than getting send to Summerford Farms, instead I focused on my lvl 5 Arcanist Class quest and finishing off all the low level quests in Limsa.
Next to this I’ve picked up my mail that contained 2 Minions and a nice little levelling Helmet that gives +20% experience untill level 10. I’ve taken part in 3 FATE’s, all in Lower La Noscea and picked up the breadcrumb quests to advance in Lower and Middle La Noscea.

So that is what I’ve been able to do in my first hour on Sandrian. The first few levels always go pretty fast and especially when you do all the initial quests that are around in the city you start in. I suspect that after level 10 things will go a bit slower and then I will also pick up some crafting professions, thus bringing some more variety to my gameplay.

See you next week for another Noble Hour!

2 thoughts on “A Noble Hour

  1. Very nice. I have often thought of rolling a new character and just seeing how the pacing is in 2.0. I've gotten to 6 or 9 just messing around on a throwaway character so I guess I'm not that surprised you got to 6 in an hour.

    • Yeah 🙂 I have some friends who are on a limited time schedule, so I figured I'd make a character the same way to see if it's possible to get a lot of enjoyment out of the game that way. Level 1-10 is doable in less than 2 hours so it seems, after that the pace slows down considerably I think.

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