The Road to Animus

Last week I finally finished the Atma grind on Sandrian. I absolutely hated every step of the way. Whoever came up with it at Square Enix can go jump off a cliff.

In theory I don’t really mind grinding FATE’s, aslong as I know there will be some sort of certain reward. Which an Atma isn’t. They drop randomly and thus I’ve spent somewhere inbetween 5 mins to 7 hours trying to get one to drop. The zone I spent the most time in was Central Thanalan and I’m pretty sure I screamed with joy when I finally saw the damned thing drop. It does make for a nice picture if you have all 12 of them though, as you can see to the left. Yes I color coordinated them to make it look pretty. Having done this once tho, I’m not very likely to do it again for a different job in the near future. Almost going insane with grinding isn’t something you would like to happen more than once a year.

But I finally got my Atma weapon, which I’m quite thrilled about. I lost the glow, but I like the colours more than the ones on the original weapon.

After I finished up my Atma I immediatly went to  Mor’Dhona to pick up my first Animus book. You can get 9 books in total, each costing 1500 tomes of mythology, and they upgrade a stat on your Atma weapon. Finish all 9 of them and your Atma turns into an Animus.
The books contain 4 pages of stuff you need to do. One page for Enemies you need to kill, one page for Dungeons you need to complete, one page for FATE’s you need to complete and one page for Levequests that you need to do as you can see below.

Personally I try to work from zone to zone, clearing out everything in a certain zone that I need to. Ofcourse this also means that I have to wait on FATE’s a lot, but I find this to be less annoying than running FATE’s in the hope of something dropping. I tend to save dungeons for last and ask guildies to help me out with them if needed.
I’ve currently just finished up my second book and am about 500 myth tomes away from buying the third one. Since patch 2.3 myth has been a lot easier to get so I’m aiming to get a book every two days, something that should be easily achieved right now.

I’ll keep you updated about my progress on this weapon and ofcourse show it off once I have it. And then the next big upgrade starts… Novus!

I won’t be blogging about Wildstar for a bit seeing as I have no playtime and thus not much to talk about. I WILL post about FFXIV tho.

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