Handheld Gaming… Oh and the Shooty!

A friend of mine bought a Nintendo 3DS XL after being turned down by the girl he has liked for ages. Funny how comfort shopping works eh? He got the Super Smash Brothers bundle and two Zelda games and has been hooked.
In response to this I dug out my own 3DS and have been playing Pokémon X and Bravely Default again, both games I had started but didn’t put much time in.

In Bravely Default I just killed the first boss pair Barras Lehr the Monk and Holly Whyte the White Mage. Naturally I immediatly made Tiz a Monk and Agnes a White Mage. So far I’m having a blast on the game, it’s obviously based on Final Fantasy but I don’t mind (no surprise with Square Enix as maker).

I’ve also picked up Pokémon X again. A friend of mine sent me a bunch of Pokémon from his Y verson a while ago, including Yveltal, and I haven’t touched it since. I was only at the Perfume palace right after the first Gym and I’ve made my way to the second Gym with a lot of awesome Pokémon now.
I’ve been pondering if I should get Pokémon Bank, purely to get a shitton of Pokémon over from my older Pokémon versions. I have a lot of event Pokémon on both my Black and Heartgold versions (Jirachi, Celebi, Mew, Shiny Giratina and Dialga and the 3 Shiny Dogs from Heartgold and Latios), some double, which I really want to put on my Pokémon X. With a Shiny Gengar and Diancie event coming up it just feels right to have everything on one game. Plus in my humble opinion from the entire series so far Black (2) and White (2) have been the weakest games so I wouldn’t actually mind emptying out my Pokémon Black into X.
It will probably be even more relevant with the new Pokémon games around the corner, I’m totally getting Omega Sapphire, to get the Pokémon Bank but also to finally finish up X.

Next to playing my 3DS I’ve also been playing Destiny a lot. A whole damn lot. I’ve clocked in over 40 hours already on my Warlock and I’m still loving it. I’m currently level 26 and have just unlocked my first Exotic weapon bounty. So excited!
I picked the Toland’s Legacy bounty which will give me a Pulse Rifle: Bad Juju.

Look at it! It looks absolutely badass and I really really want to have it. Too bad they don’t come easy. To obtain this weapon I need to do a Weekly Heroic or Nightfall Weekly strike followed by 25 more strikes. Once I’ve completed those I need to buy a weapon of Xúr, the weekend vendor, for one Strange Coin and finally I will have to obtain 10000 points from kills in PvP. I think the last bit will be my bottleneck, since I absolutely suck at PvP. The rest should be easily doable.
The Queen’s event ended today on Destiny aswell. Luckily I managed to get to rank 2 just in time to buy my awesome glowy Warlock class armband and pink weapons. Yup you read that right, PINK WEAPONS. How to make a girl in an FPS happy eh? Throw Pink/Gold gear and Pink weapons her way.

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I’ve also made an alt Hunter on Destiny, so I can get more Strange Coins/Motes of Light per week. It’s currently sitting on level 6, mostly because I have some issues with the playstyle. Warlocks are very spellbased with their Gernades, Super, but also Melee. And I’m so used to being a right handed Melee class that playing a left handed one just confuses me a lot. Not to mention having Double Jump instead of Glide! For now I will have to focus on getting my Bad Juju though and maybe take a peek in the Vault of Glass…

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