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Alternatively I wanted to name this post either “Why World of Warcraft crafting sucks bigtime right now” or “Stupid guildies and why I want to smack them in the face”. Since they were both a bit long and rude, I decided to keep it nicer. But I did want to share.

As you may have guessed, this post is mostly about crafting/professions in World of Warcraft right now.
With the coming of Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard has completely redefined professions. Gathering professions have become a bit obsolete, everyone can now herb and mine in their Garrisons and if you need leather you can get a barn and trap animals. There is an abundance of mats and you can easily have multiple professions going on one or two garrison mines.
As far as crafting professions go, it’s very hard to make a profit on some of these. Seeing as mats are all soulbound and you are tied to a daily cooldown it takes a while to get the stuff you need to craft the item you want. Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous mats requirement for upgrading your crafted items or the fact that you can only use 3 crafted items at a time. I will rant untill eternity and that is not the meaning of this post.
Professions that can still have a decent profit are mostly Tailoring (hello Hexweave Bag), Jewelcrafting and Enchanting… And Alchemy up to a point. People still want the few enchants that Blizzard left in the game and if you roll a socket on your gear you still need to gem it. Flasks and potions are still wanted for raids, so there is still a market for that aswell.
Ofcourse you can still try to make a profit with other crafting professions, but it’s much harder than with the ones I just mentioned.

Skip forward to the issue that I really want to adress. Having a crafting profession that someone else doesn’t have and that person’s desire to use your profession. I’ve had people ask me to make Glyphs for them on my Priest. I have no issues with this. I’m a scribe and I’ve taken the time to research many new glyphs so it’s reasonable that I get requests for them. Glyphs also don’t use the cooldown mats but rather inks made from pigments which I can freely mill from herbs.
Yesterday however I had a guildie ask me how many Hexweave Cloths I had. He wanted Hexweave Bags and would give me the fur I needed as compensation. First off, I’m very reluctant to use my BoP cooldown restricted crafting mats for anyone else. You might call me anti-social for doing so, but they are MY mats, I have been using my base mats and daily cooldowns and work orders to get them. Secondly: in a Hexweave Bag there is 100 Hexweave Cloth. For 100  cloth I would need 200 furs and 100 Gorgrond Flytraps if I only use my cooldown to make them. I’m not even talking about the furs that go into my work orders. Next to that one bag also needs 10 Sorcerous Earth. To make that one bag I would have to “waste” a lot of mats and 10 days of cooldowns just to get the cloth I need.
When I explained to my guildie how many mats actually go into the bags it suddenly went quiet. Yeah dude, there is a reason why they are so expensive on the AH… Because it takes at least a week and a shitton of mats to make one bag.
Now I know that I have more than enough cloth to actually make the bags. I’ve been hoarding it and not really using it due to raiding upgrades which replaced my crafted gear. It’s not that I don’t want to make something for a guildie, it’s more that people think they can just ask for it with the promise of “I’ll give you the furs it takes” thinking there is way less mats involved than there actually are.
I’ve had the same issue with people asking me to make them an upgrade item for their Darkmoon Faire trinket. Only Scribes can make these items and they require War Paints… Which are the cooldown items. I politely declined at the time saying I wanted to upgrade my own trinket, since you know… I kind of would like to have my Best in Slot aswell. The reaction I got then was one of “why won’t you use your mats for me?! You only have to give up the War Paints, I have the rest”. I’ll tell you why. Because they are MY mats that I want to use for MYSELF to gear up MY gear. Is that so hard to understand?

I’m normally more than happy to help out with anything when it comes to friends and (most) guildies. But crafting stuff for others has been a sore spot. I have taken the time to max out my professions, make sure I do my cooldowns and keep up with my work orders. If you are too lazy to do this or claim you have no time to do it, that is your problem. Doing a daily cooldown and making sure your work orders keep on flowing takes about 10 minutes of your time.
Asking me to craft something for you will only get a “yes” as answer if it’s mats that I don’t currently need and if you compensate me for them on an equal footing. And not throwing a handful of furs at me and call it even.
This is how crafting has become in WoW. It’s a rather egoistic endeavour now. I wish Blizzard would atleast drop some of the restrictions on it so I wouldn’t feel so reluctant to say yes to a request. Instead of now where I resort to lieing and just say I don’t have the mats they need.

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