Majora’s Mask: A Whole New World

Yesterday I got a little surprise when I went out shopping. I was in desperate need of new sneakers, my old ones have served me well for the past two years but are now starting to seriously wear down. I found a pair I liked and proceeded to pay when my uncle and my dad’s girlfriend suddenly decided they would pay for me as an early birthday present.
Being the financially starved person I am I was very grateful for this. Mostly because it allowed me to spend the money somewhere else. That somewhere else being my very first Zelda Game!
Even the box looks cool.

Yes. Believe it or not I have never touched a Zelda game in my life. I never had any Nintendo console growing up and on the Gameboy the game didn’t really appeal to me. I was more of a Pokémon kind of girl. And Donkey Kong… Lots of Donkey Kong.
Anyway, since I didn’t have to pay for my new shoes I figured I’d run off to the toy store and get my game. And so I did.
First off I have to give huge props to the developers. Because I haven’t played the original game on the Nintendo 64 I can’t really make a comparison that way but to me the game on the 3DS looks absolutely stunning. I think this is the first game that really looks 100% 3D and I love it. It’s the first game in which I have 3D on constantly because the graphics are just so good. Not only are the cutscenes in 3D, the gameplay is in 3D aswell and it adds a whole new dimension to the game.
Unfortunately yesterday I was so tired I couldn’t really play much so I did some of the introduction and then headed to bed.

As far as the introduction went, I have to say it’s a little bit confusing when you haven’t played any other part in the series. Apparently Majora’s Mask is more or less a sequel to Ocarina of Time and so you don’t really get much introduction into Link’s character or why he has a certain thing stolen from him. However you immediatly get a glimps of how evil the main villain is after he transforms you into a wooden little boy for no apparent reason. Again this is a little bit confusing. Am I supposed to know this guy from a previous game? For now I just went along with it but I do miss some of the story that Final Fantasy for instance is very good at.
The controls of the game seem manageable so far. It’s not very complicated to master. However the game has been developed with the new 3DS in mind so there is one button I lack which would probably make camera angles much easier to handle.
The game itself evolves around trying to save a world from doom in 3 days time. In the game world those 3 days fly by superfast. I’m only on my first cycle so far but I already know I’m probably doomed to fail since I spent a lot of time running around and exploring instead of doing the tasks that were given to me. Luckily it doesn’t really matter if you fail, you just have to start over again. I’m sure I’ll have to start over the cycle many times in this game, but I don’t think I’ll mind it too much.

What (pleasantly) surprised me the most is that this particular Zelda game is much harder than I expected. I’m used to the Final Fantasy turn based style of games and this is more of an action RPG so it requires a completely different mindset to play. Even then I still found it challenging at some point. Aiming Link at certain destinations requires some skill and paying attention or he might end up somewhere that gets him killed. You also really need to figure out a lot of cryptic stuff. And if you don’t do that fast enough you won’t make the three day cycle. 

For the people who already played this game on their N64 I’m sure it’s all familiar and they would run through the game in no time at all. For a new player however, especially one that isn’t all too familiar with the series as a whole, this game is actually quite hard to get into and it can become frustrating if you keep on failing your cycle over and over.

So far though I’m happy I made the decision to buy this game. It’s a whole new world for me and I enjoy it from what I’ve seen from it. The fact that this game is a bit more challenging than what I’m used to is only a plus in the long run since it will probably keep me entertained more than a game where I fly through in no time.
I wish I could talk a bit more about the game itself, how I find the worlds and the story but since I literally only got to play for like an hour or so I can’t really say much. I might make a follow up post when/if I play more of the game, or maybe even finish it, so I can do a better “review” for people who might be interested in buying it. For now I’m excited to start this adventure.

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