The Liebster Project

The lovely Jaedia from Dragons and Whimsy tagged me for this particular challenge. I haven’t spent much time behind the pc the past few days, mainly because I have the worst cold and I can’t really stare at a bright white screen for long without starting to sneeze and subsequently cry, but I figured heck, I can answer a couple of questions!
So here they are:
1. What are you looking forward to this year?
Finally graduating from Uni. It’s taken me way too long. I should be done with my Master’s Thesis in the next two months and then I can finally put my hands on that shiny shiny Master’s Diploma in Clinical Psychology. And I can rock the MSc (Master of Science) title from then on.
2. What is your favourite book?
My very favourite book of all times has to be “The man who mistook his wife for a hat” from Oliver Sacks. It’s a bundle of stories about individuals with different types of brain damage and how it has affected their lives. Mr. Sacks writes about this in a very respectful and affectionate way. I really recommend reading it to anyone who is atleast the tiniest bit interested in neurological and psychological stuff.
3. Are you on Twitter? If yes, what has been your experience?
Jup I am on Twitter and so far my experience has been mostly positive. I tend to use it to rant a bit but well. The Tweeps in general are very nice and it’s a good medium to look for the latest news.
4. Do you enjoy podcasting as a medium? Why/why not?
Not really. I’m a very visual person, apart from music I’m generally bored when it comes to listening to people talk. I need body language. 
5. What do you feel games are lacking in 2015?
Honestly? I feel like they lack originality. Everything copies everything else. I can’t really expect any groundbreaking new game to come out though but still. I also miss a good community. I’m playing World of Warcraft mostly but the community is awful. Even in the guild the social atmosphere is only so-so. People only play for themselves nowadays and it’s not really helping the social part of an MMO.
6. Where do you get your game news?
MMO-Champion and related sites.
Reddit. Oh god I love you Reddit. I can make popcorn and just read it all day.
7. Could you show us a picture of your desk? If you say no, I’ll be sad.
Voila my desk. My computer is under it.

8. Beards. For or against and why?
Against. I have very sensitive skin and kissing a guy with a beard, even only a peck on the cheek, literally makes me break out in hives and itch all day/evening. Some stubble is ok and can be very sexy, but no beard please.
9. What is the best gif you’ve come across?

10. Share something with us that made you laugh recently. Well (some background) we have an Eagle Owl terrorising a neighbourhood in our city. No joke. Some person made a little movie trailer about it and it cracked me up to no end. It’s partly Dutch but you’ll get the general idea 😀 if the link works…
Hmz, the tagging part might be an issue. I don’t have that many people on my blog and right now I feel a bit too sick to come up with questions of my own so I think I will leave that be for the moment.

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