Coming Home

After about 5 hours of travel last night I could finally greet my own bed again in the evening. Sweden has been a blast, I’ve done lots and lots of walking the past week, but being home again is very nice aswell.
I had to take care of a lot of things since apparently this household can’t really function without me present. So after doing a bulk of laundry, groceries, financial stuff and shoving in a quick lunch I can finally sit down and start to catch up on my games. I managed to purchase a game card for FFXIV  relatively cheap and will probably poke around in the game for a bit today. Apparently I’m hopelessly behind on esoterics already but well, it’s something I will have to deal with I guess.

I’ve also taken to reinstalling Guild Wars 2 again. I have played this game on and off for a very long time, but never got a character past level 30. I have always said that I prefer to game with other people, the same was true for Guild Wars, but I think I’m mostly cool with soloing stuff now. Since I have to level anyway I can decide my own pace and just have fun and take in the beautiful landscapes that GW2 has to offer. I will probably make a new character (mostly because I already forgot what I actually have) and go from there. I like the Sylvari race and lore a lot so I think I’ll pick one of those, just not sure yet what class. Knowing myself I will probably go Ranger or Guardian/Warrior since I prefer melee and hunters over everything else. It will be weird to start over again, but I guess I won’t lose out on too much.

In the meantime I have lots to catch up on Final Fantasy grinding wise and I have decided to get my Scholar up as next class. DPS times can be horrible and I prefer healing over tanking so the decision was easily made. I would have preferred White Mage but since it’s only level 34, and I can’t be arsed to level from that low again yet, my choices are limited. I also hope to be able to get a little more time in on my characer on Cactuar but for now I’m focussing on my main.
Only a week gone and so much to catch up on already! I guess I should get started as soon as I can…

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