Guild Wars and Job Wars


Today I finally managed to get through the first round of job interviews in a very long time. I have applied to a summer job for the month of August (data entry) and after a bit of an awkward conversation on the phone I was told I was through to the next round. I’m currently awaiting a phonecall to schedule a date and time for a job interview and I’m super excited about it. Even if it’s only a 4 week job it will still give me some work experience and ofcourse money. My fingers are crossed!
Guild Wars

So I downloaded and installed Guild Wars 2 again yesterday and started up a new character. It’s a Sylvari Ranger called Temari Dusk (although she prefers only Temari) and I’ve been rediscovering the game totally so far. They have changed a lot in the levelling up, guiding you through the maps more than they did before. They also changed the personal story (you get a new chapter every 10 levels now instead of from the start) and completely overhauled the talents/specializations system. Next to that they added atleast one little ingame tutorial (how to dodge) and you get a lot of rewards from simply leveling up. It feels like a completely different game and I am enjoying myself again.
Ofcourse one of the most awesome things is the beautiful screenshots you can make while visiting Vista’s, something I have started to do again. I almost forgot how pretty the Grove was! I’m currently sitting on level 8, working my way through all the hearts in the Sylvari starter zone and have completely discovered the Grove. Doing all the jumping puzzles again was entertaining. I hope I can finally level a character past level 26 though because I haven’t seen a lot of what this game actually has to offer!
The Beautiful Grove

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