Gaming at work – Blaugust day 20

Seeing as I have been and will be super busy these weeks, I’ve decided to put some time into playing Hearthstone while at work.
Seeing as I work “too fast” anyway it’s not biggie if I take a few 5-10 min breaks playing it. Not only is this better for my general wellbeing (staring at a spreadsheet all day gets kind of exhausting), it also helps me rank up in the game and get rewards, all while getting paid.

It’s a bit tricky though. I have my phone logged in on my secondary account at the moment and I have no cards whatsoever there. I don’t remember why I logged that account, maybe because I thought it would be fun to get stuff on two separate accounts. I’ll probably switch later tonight. But even on my main account I heavily lack cards. I don’t really play as much as I should (I don’t even have all my classes to level 10 yet) and I’m not really that good at the game, but it’s a nice way to get through the day.

Right now I’m mostly focussing on playing Priest and Druid, which are also two of the shittiest decks to play when you lack cards. They are both control decks and require a sick amount of legendaries to work. Which I don’t have. I hope by battling and unlocking wings in Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain I will start getting a bit more on par with the rest of the playerbase.

Aslong as I can battle my way to rank 20 every month I’m happy. I love the monthly card backs that Blizzard designs and from rank 20 and up you also get a chest with goodies starting this month! I’m really curious to see what it nets me, although Blizzard already spoiled it a bit by saying they contain gold cards and dust.
I’m not sure if I should focus on another deck instead. I’ve had some experience with Paladin and Mage aswell… But I guess I have more than enough time at work to figure that out!

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