I Am Legendary (Spoilers!)

A bit of screenshot spam today. For anyone still on the quest MAJOR SPOILERS! Right. 
So I finally managed to finish off my Legendary Ring on my Priest after failing the damn ship mission 4 times and being 3 tomes short for the past two resets. I decided to bite the bullet and do a wing or two in Looking For Raid and hope I’d be lucky enough to get the remaining tomes I needed. Luckily my RNG pulled through and I got a tome from all three bosses of the first wing of Hellfire Citadel.
I really liked the dialogue with Cortana (who had fallen evil unfortunately) telling her HELL no when she wanted my ring. And the little ceremony Blizzard put in for the Alliance side is seriously well done with the spirit of Velen speaking to you. You also get a nice little glow buff for 10 mins. 
But mostly I’m just super happy I managed to complete the Legendary quest chain more or less on time. Now I can benefit the raid with an extra healing ring!

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