(Bad) Habits

So I did a little overhaul with my blog today. And I have to say I’m quite happy with the result. I felt like it needed a change (especially my header image) and I’ve always been fond of dark themes over light themes… So I took the plunge and this is the end result!
I hope you all like it aswell, I will probably tweak a bit more in the coming weeks (I need to find out how to add social media buttons without it looking horrible) but for now I think this is the style I want to roll with.

The Heroes Project
Is still very much alive actually. I’ve been getting some games in on Valla today and having a blast fiddling around with different builds for different maps. I really like the Hungering Arrow into Giant Killer build for the Eternal Conflict map. Poking out enemies as they are trying to kill one of the Immortals is a really nice thing to do on Valla and makes her an invaluable asset to the team. Whereas on other maps like the Dragonshrine and Garden of Terror it’s much better to roll with a Multishot build seeing as there is much more teamfighting and teampushing involved and you want to hit as many target as possible as hard as possible.
Then ofcourse there are other things to consider. For instance the type of champions you get matched up with. Is there a healing support? Are you sure he/she can keep you up during teamfights? Will there be warrior (tank) heroes that can take the damage for you? Will you land in a scenario where you will have to solo lane OR where you have to duel a lot? This all influences the build on Valla, more specifically if taking selfhealing talents like Hungering Arrow and Vampiric Assault are worth getting or not.
All in all I’m learning more about playing this champion and getting even more skilled at her than I already *cough* was. Or atleast I like to assume so.

(Not) Going to the Gym
As I may have mentioned before… I’m immensly struggling with my weight for the past 2 years. I’ve gained and gained and gained and it’s gotten to the point that I don’t fit into half of my clothes anymore. It sucks and it’s really dragging me down mentally… 
But I guess I’m also to blame myself. I have a gym membership, but it rarely sees any use. I just can’t motivate myself to go often. I go maybe once a week or once every two weeks and that’s it. Usually I use excuses like having a headache, feeling like it’s too late on the day to go, being to “busy” doing other things. You name it, I’ve come up with it. While in reality I’m just being lazy and really  need to get my act together and go. I will have to if I ever want to fit back into my pants. I’m really out of ideas to motivate myself though. Rewarding myself didn’t seem to help. Setting goals doesn’t really seem to help. 
I just really need someon to kick my ass to go every day. And that seems to be my biggest problem.

3 thoughts on “(Bad) Habits

  1. I've had a big issue with weight for years too. I eventually got to a point where I told myself "enough is enough". Something clicked in my head and at that point, being my size wasn't acceptable, to me, anymore. Not sure how to turn that on though, but it gave me the motivation I needed to start making my changes to lose weight. Like spending 20 minutes at work walking around the parking lot during lunch. It was hard at first, but it turned into a habit and I didn't give it a second thought. Also eventually took steps to lower how much I ate, and then eventually what I ate. It was a few years worth of small steps for me, but worked out very well.

    As for the gym, the best motivator there is if you had someone else to go with so the days you don't want to go, they can motivate you, and vise versa.

    Also, I recently added a social media area on my blogger site using this. http://www.softechnogeek.com/2012/12/New-TechCrunch-Social-Subscribe-Widget-For-Blogger.html
    Thought it looked nice to get something set up right now, but I'm probably going to modify it eventually. Hope it helps.

  2. Thanks for the link! Finally tiny social media buttons I can use hihi.

    And yeah I just need to get my ass in gear. Luckily for me it's not really my eating habits but more the lack of having decent daily exercise. I know myself well though and I always have a moment during the day where I'm bored and don't know what to do…
    And that's the time I should just get my gym stuff and go there. It gets me through the day AND is good for my health. So win/win right?

  3. I've been having a lot of issues with weight, too, lately, especially as I've had some med changes. But I'm about to make some goals for myself that I'm going to share on my blog to keep me motivated. Rewarding myself helped in the past, and there's a lot of things I can think of to reward myself for losing weight and hitting various small goals. Good luck with your weight loss! I'm rooting for you!! I wish I could offer ideas that have worked for me, because the two that do don't seem to work for you. 🙁

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