Ninja Esoterics and Pokémon Again


For me there was a very nice surprise yesterday with the announcement of a new installment in the Pokémon series. I’ve been a huge fan of Pokémon ever since I was about nine or ten years old, my very first Gameboy game was Pokémon Blue, and I have had atleast one game of every generation bar Black and White 2. I haven’t seen much of the hype surrounding these new titles yet, apart from that there will be more Pokémon added again and that it will come out around December of this year. I guess we’ll see various snippets of information starting to show up soon so I will definately keep an eye out for any information that Nintendo is releasing.

To tie in with the announcement of a new series of Pokémon, today is also the day Nintendo released Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow as virtual console games for the 3DS. Being a huge fan of the original games, and eternally sad that my cardridges have died, I see this as an opportunity to get my hands on some of my old beloved games again. So I headed out to the shops today and bought a Nintendo E-shop card with enough funds to buy one game. Now I just have to make the choice of which game I actually want.
My first ever Pokémon game was Blue and that’s also the one game I almost “finished”. I had defeated every trainer and caught 146 out of 150 original Pokémon. I got Red and Yellow not that long after and even though I have always had fun playing, I never got as invested as I did in Blue (and later Silver). So for me it’s the choice of picking up Blue again and relive my nostalgia, picking Red which is, in theory, the same game but with different Pokémon to obtain OR pick Yellow where I know I will get not only Pikachu but also all original starter Pokémon guaranteed.
I haven’t decided yet, I think I’ll sleep on it for a night and then decide which one I want. One of the few things that will apparently be a feature is that you can send the Pokémon you get from these original games to the Pokébank and then from there transfer them to Sun and Moon when it comes out. Apparently there won’t be a way to send them to X/Y and ORAS, which is kind of sad, but hey.


Gearing the Classes
Patch 3.2 launched this Tuesday and I’ve spent the majority of my time after work poking around on FFXIV. Seeing that Esoterics gear has become dirt cheap now, I more or less decked out my Ninja completely in ilvl 200 gear with Void Ark pants. She looks awesome now and I almost feel sad I will change this look for the Lore gear. I will probably hang on to it and use it as Glamour if I want to.
I think this week I will finally be able to reach tome cap and I will have dinged my Astrologian level 50 aswell. Now that you can queue up with friends for level roulette I’ve been teaming up with ingame people a bit more and levelling has been very smooth.
I’ve unlocked almost all new content that 3.2 has had to offer, and only really need to stick my nose into the new Alexander wings and the Sephirot fight, but I’m sure I’ll get to do that at some point this weekend or the coming week.
For now I’m just happily running atleast my Expert and Level roulette every day, while also doing the new Vath beast tribe dailies. It’s all I was able to do on work days really, since my game time is short and I was tired.

2 thoughts on “Ninja Esoterics and Pokémon Again

  1. I love Pokemon, but I wish I could get into it as much as I used to. I just feel kind of bummed that with nobody in my area playing, and not having a 3DS, I’m relegated to catridge-only on my original DS, so I can’t even catch ’em all! lol Maybe I can get a 3DS with the release of the new Pokemon games…

    • What I love about the new generation Pokémon games is that you can just add people to your Nintendo 3ds friends list and they will pop up as friends in the game menu too! That way you can trade and battle with friends, it’s really nice.
      They had a bundle here a bit back with a new 3DS and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire preinstalled. Maybe something to look into? Otherwise I’m sure Pokémon Sun and Moon will come out with a bundle of their own.

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