The Bard is 60!

After dinging 58 this week on my Bard I got my ass in gear and picked up the Bard quest where I left it and landed at Moghome. Curious to see the ending to the search for the Ballad of Oblivion I pushed my Bard hard this week… And managed to ding 60 tonight!

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After I dinged I set out to complete the level 60 Bard quest. Where we were pitted against a harpy (of course).


And where Guydelot comes to “save the day”, telling us instead of looking for the Ballad of Oblivion, we should write our own about how we killed this particular wretch.
Needless to say, she didn’t like us much.


After all of it I finally got my last Bard skill: Sidewinder. And the achievement for completing the level 60 Bard quest!

This is now my third class to level 60 and so far I have to say I’m a bit disappointed in the route Square Enix has decided to take on Bard. They effectively turned them into casters, basically “forcing” us to use Wanderer’s Minuet when we are able to stand still on a fight. Although I’m sure I can get used to this new type of gameplay (switching in and out of WM according to fight needs), I’m not too keen on having my mobility taken away on a hunter type character. I’ve always loved the hunter/archer archetype and I feel like I’ve become some sort of melee mage now. Nevertheless I kind of enjoyed the Bard story to 60, my search for a non-existing song and the five new abilities I have gotten.

Also I totally need to show off the Dravanian Set of Aiming, which are dungeon drop items from the new Ex-Roulette dungeons: Lost City of Amdapor (Hard) and The Antitower. Don’t I look absolutely amazing with my hat?


3 thoughts on “The Bard is 60!

  1. Gratz! I’m approaching 60 on my daughter’s character as a Summoner now, and my Ninja hit 54 last night. Leveling up is fun! I’m loving both of the new dungeons too, and enjoying the gear appearance.

    • I’m kind of a perfectionist and neurotic so I want everything as organized and neat as possible. This also includes a compulsion to level every single class to 60, gear them completely and thus have a nice looking armor bag. Instead of the cluttered one I have now with god knows how many different sets of level gear.
      That’s really my main reason to level haha. But I also really enjoy being able to hop back and forth between classes.

  2. Your complaints on bard are something I’ve heard before. Congratulations on 60, though! I hope it’s still enjoyable to a degree! I can’t wait to see more of my Archer’s story and get her up to Bard. šŸ™‚

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