Health Issues part 2

Last week I wrote a little thing about having some health issues. Some physical and what I believed to be mostly mental. This week I went to see my doctor and got some clarity on what exactly is happening to me.

I went in with the mindset that I would complain about a cough that wouldn’t go a way and having some difficulty breathing. However when I got to the practice I was more than a little out of breath. This continued after I sat down in the office to which my doctor became very concerned and basically told me off for waiting so long to come to him in the first place. He listened to my lungs (which were clean), took my blood pressure (which was good) and then got scared shitless after seeing my heartrate. It was up to 130 which, by all accounts, is way too high. My oxygen level in my blood was good, but it was costing my body a lot of effort and energy to maintain said levels, thus leading to me feeling exhausted and having trouble breathing.
He made me take some asthma medicine to help my lungs open up a bit in the hope that it would also temper my heart rate. Which initially it did. I dropped down to 110, which is still to high, but not as high as it was. However a few minutes later, after I had to physically exert myself, my heart rate shot up again causing him to plan an emergency ECG just to see if my heart wasn’t the one responsible for me feeling bad. Luckily for me the ECG looked fine and I got sent home with an inhalator and asthma medication and some prednisone for three days to battle whatever was going on in my body.

Today I’m on day two of medication. I can’t say I feel significantly better in the breathing and heartracing department, especially in the afternoon. My body is just completely exhausted and I think I will feel like this for a little while longer. The prednisone seems to do it’s job though. My coughing has been brought down to a bare minimum, my nose cleared up and my eyes aren’t that watery anymore, which is good.
The inhalation thing is draining. I have to do 6×2 inhalations per day. It’s quite a heavy dose and I’m noticing one of the side effects really badly, which is having serious tremors of my hands right after I take the medication. It subsides within 10-15 mins but still, it’s kind of scary. I’m kind of housebound, I can’t really get out and do stuff. Actually my doctor advised me to not do anything for the weekend, which is really stupid but I get it.

So yeah. I’m going back to the doctor on monday to see how my situation has improved and if I’m okay to work again. Even if it’s only for half days. Because sitting at home all day is driving me slightly nuts.

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