It’s Warm: Have Some Screenshots pt 1

I wanted to do a massive tinfoil hat post on the War of the Thorns in WoW but I’m melting and my brain doesn’t really function well in this heat, so I’m going to throw a collection of Mage Tower Challenge Appearance Screenshots at you instead!

Demon Hunter

Death Knight





That was part one! I know the Windwalker Monk appearance is my login screen but in my excitement I forgot to take a screenshot at the moment supreme haha. Part two will probably follow tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “It’s Warm: Have Some Screenshots pt 1

  1. Let it hereby be known that I’m really jealous, if I had heard about this Mage Tower thing earlier it might have made me resub and at least try to get some of those for my toons and if it was doable enough for me… try to get as many as possible (maybe it’s good I wasn’t subbed or equipped…). At least you didn’t post a Rogue shot!

    • Wait untill you see part two (which I’m posting in maybe 10 minutes :D)

      And yeah it was a hell of a ride, fun, frustrating, keyboard breaking intense. But mostly fun.

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