It’s Warm: Have Some Screenshots pt 2

Okay so technically as I’m writing this our country has finally broken out of the heatwave. Thunder and mostly rain have passed leaving a desirable 21-22 degrees outside temperature behind, instead of the 36 it was yesterday. So right now I’m sitting next to my window feeling the cool breeze on my back and waiting for the indoor temperature to drop to more comfortable levels aswell. I started out on 31 degrees as I got home yesterday evening, which lasted untill somewhere in the early mornings. I’m now down to 27.7 and hoping it will drop even further. So technically it’s still warm (inside) so here comes part 2 of all the Mage Tower weapons!






And last, but not least! Warrior

So there. Now you’ve seen all 36 Mage Tower weapons in two posts. Personally my favourites are the Druid forms (cat and bear), Prot Paladin/Prot Warrior and Havoc Demon Hunter.

Which one do you like best?

2 thoughts on “It’s Warm: Have Some Screenshots pt 2

    • Aye they are. They went with a fencing sword model, which is cool because you don’t really have that in WoW. The FFXIV Red Mage sword definitely trumps it though.

      Sub rogue was the hardest one to get out of the Rogue Towers. I really really enjoyed playing Assassination though, and I like the fact that those daggers sheath on your back instead of on your hips.

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