It’s Warm: Have Some Screenshots pt 2

Okay so technically as I’m writing this our country has finally broken out of the heatwave. Thunder and mostly rain have passed leaving a desirable 21-22 degrees outside temperature behind, instead of the 36 it was yesterday. So right now I’m sitting next to my window feeling the cool breeze on my back and waiting for the indoor temperature to drop to more comfortable levels aswell. I started out on 31 degrees as I got home yesterday evening, which lasted untill somewhere in the early mornings. I’m now down to 27.7 and hoping it will drop even further. So technically it’s still warm (inside) so here comes part 2 of all the Mage Tower weapons!






And last, but not least! Warrior

So there. Now you’ve seen all 36 Mage Tower weapons in two posts. Personally my favourites are the Druid forms (cat and bear), Prot Paladin/Prot Warrior and Havoc Demon Hunter.

Which one do you like best?

It’s Warm: Have Some Screenshots pt 1

I wanted to do a massive tinfoil hat post on the War of the Thorns in WoW but I’m melting and my brain doesn’t really function well in this heat, so I’m going to throw a collection of Mage Tower Challenge Appearance Screenshots at you instead!

Demon Hunter

Death Knight





That was part one! I know the Windwalker Monk appearance is my login screen but in my excitement I forgot to take a screenshot at the moment supreme haha. Part two will probably follow tomorrow.

Mage Tower Madness

Draenei Hunter with MM challenge bow

I’ve had a post about my Mage Tower shenanigans coming down the pipe for a very long time. For those of you who have been following me on Twitter this whole blogpost shouldn’t really come as a surprise but I want to get it out anyway.

Somewhere earlier this year I had this grand idea to start chasing the Mage Tower challenges. With patch 7.3.5 gearing up had become really easy and with every Mage Tower I tackled I found the next (same) one on a new class to be easier and easier. Where I’ve taken between 20 and 30 tries to down some of my earlier ones I can now proudly say that I have oneshot multiple ones over the last few weeks, including the cheese that is Affliction lock.

I’m not really sure what attracted me in doing all the Mage Towers. Maybe it was the idea that the skins would become permanently unavailable or it was the idea that these were solo challenges that I could undertake by myself without having other people involved. They felt like a “true” test of skill to me, moreso than any raid or dungeon has been.

As of right now I’m down to my last three Towers: Outlaw, Assassination and Subtlety Rogue. I’m in luck because the Command Center is up, effectively buffing my Agatha attempts even more than I can already do. I also don’t predict any problems with the Assassination challenge but I do hope I can luck my way through the Subtlety one.

All in all it’s been a rather long strange trip. The Artifact boost came at a perfect time and even though I had my doubts that I would complete this journey I’m very proud to be able to call myself a member of the “club 36” at the end of the day.