Raiding Attitudes

At this point in time I consider myself a veteran in not only MMO’s but also raiding in said MMO’s.
I started playing World of Warcraft in 2007 and was into raiding not long after. Starting out at 10 man Kharazan to eventually joining the best guild on the server at the time for progress in Sunwell Plateau. I have competed for realm firsts in Wrath of the Lich King and was raidleader for a significant portion of Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria.
In FFXIV I was raidleading together with our Paladin Tank (since we were the only ones who actually prepared for encounters) and this got us to Turn 9 of Coil when it was current content. Unfortunately our group ended there due to the sheer badness of two of our players which we just couldn’t carry anymore then.
In Destiny I’ve taken a backseat when it comes to the raiding. Shooters aren’t necessarily my strong point and I’m too focussed on actually hitting stuff that I’m able to call out postions or dps targets when needed.

In all these years of raiding I have noticed a trend that seems to be getting worse and worse. It could also be the people I raid with, actually I strongly believe it IS because of the people I raid with, but nonetheless… In the last years raids have become easier to organize (you need less people to actually form a good raidgroup, 6 man in Destiny, 8 in FFXIV, 10 minimum in WoW). Although tactics have become very intricate on some bosses in World of Warcraft with the acces to content before it’s live now there’s usually guides out there that will help you with new encounters, thus giving everyone a “headstart” on the raid before you can actually enter.
This has led, in my opinion, to a very elitist attitude among some of the people found in guilds. Not just the big guilds like (ex) Method, but also the smaller guilds who have different goals. I definately see it in my guild. We have a few veterans who are simply not used to guiding newer people anymore and don’t feel the need to do so either. Instead they get grumpy and hateful in private chats (this time it was our raidleading channel).
This, to me, is an extremely destructive attitude to have when it comes to raiding in general. With the flux of players and people taking a more casual stance to gaming and raiding overall I think a bit of flexibility is needed. Have a bit of patience with newer players, especially ones who have never done heroic content or are used to different tactics than your group uses. Everyone once started from the bottom and being elitist jerks (ha!) to them is not helping in any way.
But, one may argue, if they keep it to private channels… That shouldn’t be too much of an issue right? Well actually it is. Even in private channels. Being elitist and rude and condescending about your fellow players breeds resentment and a sort of segregation of players in a team where co-operation is crucial. It’s the perfect soil for burnout to grow upon and it’s a huge problem when it exists in a raidgroup. I really hope our group can get through it, but as it stands now I need to pray for a miracle because people’s attitudes are getting worse every time we raid.

Movies. Watch them!
Which brings me to another point. A lot of the people raiding with us right now have the same mentality to raids as they had in Vanilla WoW and Burning Crusade. You don’t have much prior knowlegde to fights and are mostly left to figure stuff out on your own… So you just head in blind.
This might have worked back then. But now it’s just really not an option anymore. There is so much going on at once in a lot of fights (Iskar I’m looking at you) that watching a movie or reading a guide or even the Dungeon Journal is almost mandatory. It’s impossible to go in blind and handle all the mechanics perfectly from the get-go. Unless you are extremely talented.
This leads to people making mistakes that wipe the raid… Which are completely unecessary if you had taken 5 to 10 minutes of your time to read or watch a guide on the fight. I can’t count the number of times I had to bite my tongue on Teamspeak or Raidchat when people made mistakes like these. It’s really annoying having to explain tactics over and over again to people who are just too damn stubborn to watch a movie themselves.
Especially in a raidteam where people are at most average I think it’s a MUST to atleast know a fight before you head into it. But apparently I am wrong and people should do as they please.
Which is fine.
But don’t start crying when we clock over 100 wipes on a boss…

Raidleading… Again! – Blaugust day 16

Yesterday evening I found myself once again in an awkward position. I seem to attract that a lot. Maybe because I can’t seem to keep my nose out of stuff that’s not entirely my business. I just really don’t like it when I’m a part of something that doesn’t work because of people being stupid.
We have basically two leaders in our guild at the moment and they can’t stand eachother. They are usually fighting and bitching and it influences the raid massively. One is a rager (he has a really bad temper) and will shout at everyone including himself. The other one is slightly autistic and not fit to be leader material in my opinion. I used to be the third leader, but due to circumstances I shed the officer mantle and just went back to being a raider.
Now, yesterday evening we had the usual attendance drama. People accept calendar invites and then either show very late without notice, or don’t show at all. This has been an ongoing issues in our guild and yesterday Leader number 2 was sick and tired off it and logged off. After a lot of talking back and forth I got him to log back on again, albeit very grumpy.

From that point I decided to take up the raidleader mantle again. Our guild just needs someone to speak up on Teamspeak, to coordinate the group and the invites and to just make sure raiding is being done in a decent atmosphere.
I think I succeeded in that last night where there was for once no drama or bitching. We downed the five bosses we are familiar with, even getting someone entirely new to four of them through. People got loot, we wiped a few times, there were some laughs and it was all fine. But only because I once again decided to step up and step in. No one else in the guild can be bothered to do so and I hate it when there are minor issues that would prevent a raid from happening.

Our GM (who is retired and no longer counted amongst leadership) was already mocking me for stepping up again. Saying “I never change” and he is probably right. However I wouldn’t have to step up if we had competent leaders who would do their job properly. But I guess I’m once again going to be the officer without an officer title. Simply because I just can’t sit idly by watching needless drama happen.
And because when I lead, there is no drama, no shouting, no crying and no grumpyness. I feel like I can make a raid fun to be in, even for myself, and I guess that’s what matters in the end. Right?